Monday, 28 October 2013

Cadillac Ranch

We just recently got back from a 2 and a half week trip to the Southwest in our camper.  The kids have named the camper "Jason" as in Jason and the Argonauts:)  While on our way we stopped by the famous Cadillac Ranch.  We were here once before when the children were younger and they barely remembered it so we thought it would be fun to have the children go again and update our pictures of the kids :)
This picture was taken in 2008 when the kids were 6 and 4 years old--this was the summer before we left for The UK

For my readers in Europe this may seem a bit strange, but kitchy road side tourist attractions are all over the states and some you just have to stop and see.  What makes this one so attractive, I guess,  is that the owner of this farm encourages people to come and create graffiti on the cars.
Cadillac ranch can be seen by the road and we just parked along the road and made our way to the half buried cars.  

The fields surrounding the sculpture are filled with empty spray cans.   
We didn't plan ahead and didn't think to bring any paint spray cans with us, which disappointed the kids.  However, they started searching the fields and finally found a few with paint still in them and got straight to work making their own graffiti.  SO if you planned to add this to your trip make sure you stop at the local Walmart and buy some spray paint, we saw people carrying several cans of spray paint with them:)
I am not sure why the owner of this ranch decided to half bury about 10 Cadillacs in his fields but it is part of American pop culture--Bruce Springsteen has a song about it:)

Next we observed a professional graffiti artist at work, at least he look like a professional to us

If you want more information on this strange road side art you can find it on Wiki
Here is our 2013 picture of our kids at the Cadillac Ranch ages 11-9


  1. Fun! As a major Springsteen fan I had to click over and see!!

    Looks like you had perfect weather too....I love it out there.....

    Take care and thanks for sharing. :)

  2. This was like really fun. I can't imagine why someone would bury the cars and then let them be painted over and over; but I like the thoughts. I haven't ever heard about this before. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the adventure.

  3. I've never stopped at any of these weird road side attractions, but will now have to add it to my bucket list! What a strange place! At first, I thought your kids were standing in a dumpster! :-) They're so cute in that picture, hard to believe they were ever that little!