Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Reptile show

There was a local Reptile show and the kids have been pestering me about getting a Bearded Dragon for a pet.  We had a leopard gecko in England but had to return it to the breeder when we left.  Since we have moved and still getting settled into our house I am not quite ready to bring on a pet but I thought the kids could go and ask questions, maybe buy a book on the type of lizard they want and start researching it while we still are organizing the house.  I am told they host this show every other month in our area.

First thing we saw when we entered the room were snakes

Firedrake was enamored with the various kinds and decided she would rather have a snake as a pet.  I said "NO" snakes.    We are sticking to a lizard or nothing at all, I am such a mean MOM
Firedrake got to hold a a snake which only made her more determine to bug me about getting one:(
They were also selling snake egg cases. I couldn't quite figure out why anyone would want one of these esp for $2.00 each.  
Snake skin examined up close

There were all types of lizards, gecko and things I didn't even recognized

We finally saw some baby bearded dragons for sale.  There were actually several stands for these and I was amazed at the price difference for them, anywhere from $50 to $150, I couldn't quite figure out why some were more expensive then others, it seemed to random to me.

Petting larger Bearded dragons and asking lots of questions on how to care for them, sounds like they are a lot more work then our leopard gecko was.
They are kind of cute and very personable.  It was very hard to not buy one on the spot but I did resist mainly because we don't have a large enough aquarium to house one and I promised my husband we were just going to look, although that hasn't ever stopped me from buying something before;)  I think he was surprised we didn't come home with one that day!

we saw all types of turtles and tortoises, which is really more my speed of reptile.

There was someone selling alligators and while we were at the stand someone was buying the alligator and planning to put it in his garden...WHY?

Chinchilla's now why can't my kids want something cute and cuddly like this:(!

I want one!

We were told the newest rage is pet hedge hogs.  I would do this!

Can't remember what this was call, long nose something or other, being carried in a pouch.

We also saw lots of spiders, which thankfully neither of my kids like, whew, cause that is also a definite "NO WAY"

Even saw one tarantula eating a small mouse.  Kind of interesting in a weird way.  Grossed my kids out.

all types of frogs

This poor chap was stuffed into the smallest container and it was so big.

I thought the ferrets were cute until I saw their teeth!

also saw lots of what I refer to as creepy crawlies -- scorpions


Kids saw teeny tiny baby mice which are bought as food.  These were alive.  I am told We can feed our future bearded dragon these if we want:(  Afraid ours will have to make do with NOT getting this on its dinner menu.

We even saw people buying large frozen rats for their pet's food

Firedrake made do with getting a snake t-shirt to take home since I have no intention of ever getting a pet snake for  her!!!!  She has informed me she will get one when she has her own home!  
We learned a lot and will continue to research how to care for a bearded dragon.  We couldn't find anyone who was selling a book about bearded dragons so we may have to go to a pet store for that as our local library also didn't have one.  My husband wasn't able to go to this show but plans on attending the next one with us.


  1. One of my college boyfriend's roommate had a snake and fed it live bunnies. The poor bunnies were always so scared, even before they were put in with the snake. I was always trying to free the poor things, but never manage it. It's seems so cruel! It's not like the bunny has any chance, like it would in the wild. Then the snake poop is the super horrible smelling. I have told all of my kids this story from the day they were born and pointed out the bunnies that get fed to snakes whenever we see them, needless to say, they have never asked for a snake! :-) We want to get a hedgehog for Sola, but she needs to show us that she'll be nice to it. She still does random things to the cats and dog, such that I don't trust her with a hedgehog. I would like a sugar glider, but they are illegal here. I'd also like poison dart frogs, but not until I have a lot more free time.

  2. Wow! My kids, especially my son, would love to go to a reptile show like that! They have to settle for looking at your pictures with me because there is nothing like that around here. Thanks for sharing!