Sunday, 30 June 2013

Our New/Old Home

My husband and I left the kids with my parents and drove our new RV to our new/old house.  We had fun on our road trip getting chance to try out our new camper although driving was a bit hair rising at first for my husband.  While my husband wanted me to take the wheel and try driving, I declined, maybe next road trip.

 We arrived in town and were able to check out our house.  We have had renters there while we were in England.  Thankfully our renters left it in pretty good condition so we were very relieved.

Since we arrived it has been a flurry of activity getting new carpeting, painting, and other needed improvements done in order to get ready for the family to move in.  My husband and I created a checklist and we are slowly working our way down the list.  We hope to have it all completed  by the end of next week.  We don't expect our furniture to arrive until the end of July.

One of the big things I am doing is converting our bonus room into a school room. I can't wait to have a designated room for all our school supplies.  I plan on painting the room a bright cheerful yellow and accent it with white furniture ie. book cases and desks.  Since this is a big project to do and expensive it will done done slowly over the next few months or year.  The most important thing to do in this room is paint it and add better lighting.

We have also purchased a new car, a Honda Odyssey.  I love it!!!  It took a little bit for me to get comfortable driving on the "right side" of the road again.  

We had our storage delivered  this week.  We haven't seen this stuff in nearly five years. As the packers were unloading the truck I couldn't help but think I stored some really silly things...things I just couldn't part with at the time of our move.  I haven't unpacked these boxes yet, I wonder if I will be a lot better at purging as I unpack, because really if I haven't missed it in nearly five years do I really need it:).  

I am still on that stage where I am comparing everything to the UK so I am sure I am annoying to my friends and family;).  There are some things here in the US that I am thrilled to be able to do/see again, but I also missed certain things I can only find in the UK or Europe.   

Thanks for stopping by commenting, I hope to be back visiting your blogs soon, once life settles down a little:)


  1. We love our Toyota Sienna (which is I think a step below the Odyssey)! I am so happy that everything is working out as you are adjusting. Even though you are from the US, this type of a transition would still be a culture shock for you!! I love hearing about all the "new" realities of life back in the states!

  2. That is a lot of transitions to be making at once! I imagine it must be a bit exhausting! My friend from Kenya would occasionally drive on the wrong side of the road when she came back to the U.S. from a visit home. One time she almost ran into me! I like your car. My friend has an Odyssey and it has proven to be a great purchase. We have a Sienna, but bought ours before Toyota got sucky, so it has been great for us. Our friends, who bought a later model, not so much. If I was buying a new mini-van today, I'd buy an Odyssey, for sure! The next car I buy is going to be a small one though. After 20 years of driving mini-vans, I'm ready for a car that is easy to park in all the compact spaces (given that parking lots seem to be 75% compact spots these days!).

  3. I can only imagine the adjustment this must be! Glad your home is in good shape. I look forward to hearing more of your "American" adventures. :)

  4. Reading this post I feel like I am seeing into my own future. Your story reads just like ours. We have renters, a storage facility, and will need to buy a car. It looks like fun and work at the same time. I'm glad it's going well.

  5. Hi Anna-Marie!

    So glad things are falling into place! What an adventure you are on as you adjust to this side of the pond again :) Your home is beautiful and I'm sure you will love your own school room :) Congrats on the new van purchase! Take care and enjoy the states once again :)

  6. Hello A-M, you sound a lot saner than I think you should be with all that going on!
    Any chance of some pics of the inside of the RV? It looks HUGE from the outside!
    Hope you and Martin are getting some time to chill as well as all the hard work...
    lots of love

  7. I am in the middle of a move myself, so somehow I COMPLETELY missed you were moving back to the states. Welcome home! I pray it is an easy transition.

  8. The school room will be great. Hope you enjoy your trips in the new RV. It must be a major transition after 5 years.

  9. Wow, I love that you are back in the states. I am so curious to see what kind of adventures you come up with. I think it is awesome that you have an RV and your house looks lovely. I know that you will do a fantastic job with doing your school room.
    May you find great joy in this move and enjoy the moments, also.
    Blessings and hugs!

  10. Welcome home! Might I suggest if you are far enough south that it isn't already too late that you plant some pumpkin seeds? I remember you mentioning missing them in the U.K.