Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Children's Piano recitals

Right before we left the UK my kids had their last Piano recital.  They have come a long way since we first started nearly 2 and half years ago.  Just recently both kids passed their Level 2 ABRSM Piano test, one with a distinction which is very, very hard to earn.  Considering neither my husband or I have any musical skills we are so happy that the children seem to enjoy Piano and have an ear for music, from where that comes from we don't know:).

First was Little Man -- He played 3 pieces -- the  third piece is his best!

Next was Princess -- She played 2 known pieces and then played a piece that she composed all by herself!

The kids were thrilled that some family and friends were able to come and see them perform at their recital.


  1. Beautiful! Hope the adjustment back to the states is going well. :)

  2. Okay, that is not Princess! That is a young lady and I know that just last week, Princess was a little girl! Sigh... they really do grow up too fast! Congrats to both of them for doing so well!