Monday, 13 May 2013

Visiting a Pizza Restaurant

You might notice we are going on a lot of field trips recently and even doing a few repeats, mainly because we are moving and slowing down on "School Work" but I still need to find activities forr the kids to do so we all don't go crazy at home.

Several years ago, we joined the Home school group for a trip to the Pizza Express restaurant to learn about making pizza's and see how a restaurant was run.  This trip came up again and the kids wanted to do it again, even though we make pizza's at home at least monthly.

Kids were greeted and given aprons and hats to wear

Given dough to shape

adding their dough to the pans 

adding sauce 


Freshly made pizza
This trip was not as well done as the trip we took 3-4 years ago.  As the staff just had the kids make the pizza and forgot to show the kids around the restaurant:(.  While the parents were disappointed the kids were happy with their pizza.  Everyone was able to take home their pizza to have for lunch.


  1. What a fun activity and a great picture tutorial. I love all of the events you do with your children.

  2. Any field trip that involves pizza is a good field trip in my book!