Friday, 3 May 2013

Pottery Class Part 2

A month or two ago we went to a pottery class and we just recently returned to paint our creations in order to get them ready for their final firing after we glazed them.  Here is our post on the last time we were there:)

This is what the pottery looked like after the first firing -- this is my piece prior to painting

Little Man and Princess got right to work painting their many clay pieces using stains

Here are the finished pieces after the second firings

Princess finished pieces--mostly a dragon theme;) of course

Little Man's finished pieces--mostly a Mario theme;)

My one piece completed.

In order to save the wood furniture I put felt bottoms on all the pieces

Kids made a few pieces to give as present to friends and family for when we return to the states!  We had an awesome time.  This instructor is also offering a Raku class for the children next month and we plan to be there and learn how to do pottery that way.


  1. You want to save your wood furniture! You want everything, don't you? :-) They came out lovely! Is yours for storing anything in particular or just for admiring?

  2. That looks like fun. I love the interesting design of your pot.