Friday, 19 April 2013

Mosaic tile class

The kids and I had the opportunity to work with glass as an Art medium.  While I have cut glass before, it was the first time for my kids and they found it a bit hard but did really well with their creations.

We had many colors of glass to choose from

as well as many types of glass such as glass flakes, glass rods, glass chips, glass panels etc.

Little Man attempting to score glass

and breaking the glass -- his favorite part I might add

Princess scoring glass

Working on her glass design

Little Man choose a design he wanted to do

Here were some finished designs done by other participates in the class.  This is before the glass was fired.

Here is how our glass work turned out after being fired in a kiln!!

Little Man's project -- he has an obsession of all things Mario-- I think these are super mushrooms

Princess's so proud of her to do something other than dragons:)

My Project -- not sure what it is but it is colorful:)

Here are pieces done by a previous class and the glass has been fired!

We had a great time learning to work with glass and can't wait for our next glass in a month!


  1. Beautiful work! We have done fused glass once. Dora didn't do any of the scoring or cutting for it though, thank goodness! One thing that I have been getting sick of with fused glass, and maybe it's a weird US thing, is the amount of work that uses red, teal, yellow, and black as a palette. The colors look fine together, I have just seen too much of it. I don't know if one person is teaching people all over the country or if those colors are cheaper or what...

  2. These look so effective. I love the step by step pictures.

  3. Awesome!! What a fun class.

  4. These are really bright. It looks like a very cool art project. Did you do it at home or at an art center? Where did you find the materials?

    1. we went to a studio as you need a kiln to do this type of work. :)

  5. The art projects look fun and I can see that your children were very creative. I loved the pictures!

  6. Wow, that looks like a really fun class.

  7. Awesome! This mosaic glass tile projects are so adorable! So perfect and absolutely nice to for kids. I love this so much. These mosaic tiles can indeed make one boring after fun for kids! Thanks for sharing!

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