Friday, 22 March 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

We have been so very busy that it seems as if time is flying by.  While I was on target for most of my school goals in January, I now seem to be behind in almost everything:(.  There seems to be an abundance of field trips opening up and we are doing most of them.  I feel like I have to get it all in as we are leaving England soon and I am not sure when these opportunities will come to us again.

The kids and I went to a working Roman dig site locally and spoke with a student archeologist about the site and what they have found.  I have a post coming up about it next week.  Princess had girl scouts this evening, my husband usually takes her so I can have an evening off.  He sits at the local coffee shop and surfs the web while the meeting is going on:).

We had a full day of actual learning at home, then in the early evening we headed out to the local Indian Cultural Center to hear traditional Indian music the Sitar and the Tabla.  This field trip, I coordinated with the homeschool group, was to help with our study on India which we hope to complete by the end of March.  Normally we have Martial arts in the evenings but we had to skip due to the music presentation.  Afterwards we had dinner at an Indian restaurant and the kids tried Tandoori Chicken which they both said they loved.

Today we had friends over.  Three of the kids decided they were going to make lunch for everyone.  They chose the menu last week and they made nachos, chicken noodle soup, French bread and blackberry cobbler for desert.  They did an awesome job working together.    My friend and I prepared our science lesson today which was constructing a Hubble telescope paper model,  you can find the directions here.  We got about half way done before stopping and each family plans on completing the project at their own homes.

This day always feels like my busiest day of the week!  We do school from 9-11:15ish then we  have swim lessons at noon, rush home to do a little more school, and then we rushed out the door to have horse riding lesson late afternoon.   Since Little man has boy scouts in the evening we head straight for the base where we visit the library and I go grocery shopping.  Usually we met Daddy for dinner  and then attend the boy scout meeting.    Thursdays are usually a blur to me, we don't get home until 7:30ish and then it is get the kids showered and ready for bed.

I scheduled another field trip for this day-- a glass mosaic art class for the kids (I don't normally schedule so many field trips in one week)  One of the local home ed Mom has her own studio in her back yard and she holds classes once a month.  So for the next few months one Friday a month we will be doing glass art classes
Tonight Princess and I are going to see the Opera Carmen at a local venue.  My daughter's best friend will be singing in this performance and we are going to show our support and cheer her on.  Princess has been invited to spend the night at her friends house and she is very excited.  I will bring her home after lunch on Saturday.

So that is it our crazy week in a nutshell.  Next week looks just as busy but that is the life of a homeschooler!


  1. What a busy week. Some of these trips are amazing-the children can catch up book work but seeing an active Roman dig is an opportunity that isn't likely to come up again fast.

    I remember the excitement of seeing a mosaic appear from under a football pitch.

  2. Well, I need a nap just from reading this post! I can imagine that you feel like you have to pack it all in before you leave England. BTW, do your kids have English accents now? Tandoori Chicken is yummy!

    1. I don't hear accents but they are using English terms in their daily vocabulary:)

  3. Aren't crazy weeeks normal for a homeschooler ;) Came over from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

  4. Book work will always be there. These opportunities are priceless. Have fun.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. I'm exhausted! You have had a busy week! But, what a week! I have a 10 year old who would love to check out the Roman dig! We also homeschool, but here in Canada, so not much hope of that happening. I have signed up to follow you via the No ordinary Blog Hop site, and think I got all the ways to follow available! Take care and have a great weekend!

    1. HI SUE
      I am following back:) I tried to leave a message on your blog but it bounced back so i am not sure what your settings are. Congrats on the weight loss