Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sushi Class

Not all our field trips have something to do with our school work.  Sometimes something comes up that we think will just be fun, so we pack up our books and take the morning or afternoon off and do something a little different.  Yesterday, we had the opportunity to attend a sushi making class in a restaurant.   We had such a great time.

When we arrived the kids got to try miso soup 

and salmon sushi

The chef gave the kids a brief introduction of his job and qualifications and then we got to work

Kids put on rubber gloves and oiled them up (so the rice wouldn't stick).  Then each child was given a piece of seaweed

Then each child was given a ball of sticky rice.  I was told it is cooked with sushi vinegar.  While our family has eaten at this  restaurant in the past,  I never knew about the vinegar in the rice.   

Kids were then encouraged to spread the rice about leaving 1 cm of seaweed free of rice.

Then  the kids got to fill them with veggies, fish or prawns

Then we rolled them up

and learn how to mold them into squares.  It was pretty easy to do 

The chef cut up the sushi dipping the clean knife into water to help slice thru more easily

Each child got to make two large rolls -- Princess stuffed hers with salmon, egg and veggies

Little man choose plain veggies and prawns

Don't they look Yummy!!!
While the kids did sample them they decided to bring them home for Daddy for dinner.  I tasted a few for quality assurance purposes ;)  and they were delicious!   Daddy may have to share them with me tonight:)!!!


  1. We did this at home and it was very messy. I think a lesson would have been good. The kid's sushi looks very neat and nice. What a cool experience!

  2. Your kids are great about trying new foods! In fact, I embarrassed to admit it, but they are much better than I am. I have to say that in my entire life, I have NEVER seen a white sushi chef. I know that is kind of racist, but it's just something that surprised me when I saw your photos. I used to work at a sushi bar and the sushi chefs all had come directly from Japan, as has every other sushi chef that I have ever met. Though I suppose that the chefs that prepare sushi for the grocery stores might not be Japanese. Anyway, I wonder if that is because we live on the Pacific, so we have so many immigrants, there is just no point in white people even bothering to try. I mean, if you could chose to eat sushi from someone who grew up and trained in Japan vs. an American who went to Japan for a while to train, I think most people would tend to favor the chef that grew up in Japan. At the same time, I've also never seen a female sushi chef, now that I think about it.... And then there is some movie about a girl that goes to Japan with her boyfriend, who dumps her, and she becomes a sushi chef or something like that, so she breaks all of the stereotypes...

  3. Actually, I just had to look the movie up and it's called Ramen Girl. I've never met anybody who made ramen from scratch, so I don't know if it is common for women to make ramen or not.

    1. I will have to look this movie up. Actually in this restaurant not sure I have even seen an asian cook---but maybe they are there when we are not:)

  4. How fun!!! I need to find this for us to do in our area :) Lydia was freak out!

    1. I hope you find one this was really fun and tasted good too:)

  5. What fun!

    Thanks for sharing these awesome shots!

  6. Your kiddos are so cute and the sushi looks yummy!! I Love reading about your adventures.

  7. I loved that the kids could actually make the sushi. I will have to stop there because I don't know if I can handle eating Sushi. Too raw for me!

  8. HI there-

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a HS blog award :

    Thank YOU for being a blogfer of fun and inspiration!

    Love ya

    1. How wonderful, thank you I will work on a post very soon:)

  9. My daughter got me hooked on sushi. She sometimes makes the rolls, but I don't think she knows about cooking the rice in sushi vinegar. I am going to tell her about this.

    Cooking is a super way to work education in and have lots of fun at the same time. I have a favorite blog I follow called Nutrition for Healthy Kids ( She has wonderful ideas and hands-on activities.