Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Field trip to RAF Museum

Kids and I joined one of the home ed group to a trip to the RAF Museums on the outskirts of London.  We haven't been to this museum before so we were looking forward to the class on helicopter flight and exploring the museum afterward.  I was hoping Daddy could tag along for this trip but he had to work:(

Prior to the start of the lesson we had a chance to do a quick trip around the museum and look around.

This was a strange plane/boat called the Southampton flying boat

Getting to see a plane machine gun turret--the kids noticed there is not a lot of room there

Seeing a pilot's ejection seat.  While looking at this seat a kind patron explained the the children how the ejection seat work and why they have two release options, one overhead and one by the knees.  

This plane flew from London to New Zealand in 1953 winning an air race

Kids getting into a cock pit and using the hand gears and feet gears to move the tail of the plane.  They had fun working together figuring out which system moved what on the plane.  I think we spent a good 20 minutes examining and playing with the plane

The museum has a kid hands on section, which we explored

seeing the inside of a glider and working the controls

trying our hand at a wind simulator

Next we attended the class on Helicopters and flight.  We had a sit down session explaining the different parts of the helicopter.

We had a science experiment on how helicopter  rotator blades work
 Next we went on a tour to see some of the helicopters on exhibit
We went inside a Chinock

Rescue helicopter 

Helliner helicopter which is basically a passenger helicopter

Lastly we saw the Royal family's helicopter, although it is no longer in use.    We were told Queen Elizabeth wasn't a big fan of it due to the noise but the Queen Mum loved it.  In fact that blue cushion in side was specially made for her so she could put her legs up while in flight.

 After the class we had time to explore some more.  We didn't get to see the entire museum so we will have to take Daddy here at some point as he loves airplanes and there was still so much the children can explore.


  1. Oh my, I love it!!
    How lucky that my kids and I can take a virtual field trip to UK sites.
    Enjoying your blog....
    Have a wonderful day!
    God bless,
    Your NY friend, Chris

  2. Way to go again; I am so amazed at the things that you all learn. I feel like I am always learning new things from you. Loved the pictures and the information.
    Blessings to you all for another lesson or adventure.

  3. If you like flight museums, the one in Seattle has really grown and is quite nice now. My dad was a professional pilot and I had an full ROTC scholarship through the Air Force, which I dropped at the last minute (I am really glad I did), so I have a special interest in planes. My eldest is the only one of my children who ever expressed any interest in aviation, however, and that was only until he was about 10. One thing my dad used to say about helicopters was that most helicopter pilots could fly a plane if they had to, but a airplane pilot wouldn't have a clue how to fly a helicopter. I guess they are much more difficult to fly or something. The only time I flew in a helicopter was to go to Catalina and the side of the helicopter was open. My mother and brother both have a major fear of heights, so I got to sit right next to the open side. I thought it was cool, but as a parent, it makes me cringe, I was only 11 and if I had unbuckled my seatbelt or not had it all the way tight or something.... .

    1. We love flight museums esp. my hubby who is really into planes. Will let him know about Seattle and maybe we can plan a trip out that way one day

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    And yes I was in Ireland, but not since 1990. All four of my grandparents hail from The Emerald Isle and emigrated in the early 1900s to NY where they lived in tenements in the lower west side. I never met any of them, sadly. They had all passed by the time I was born. My parents met on legendary Rockaway Beach, married in the 1940s and moved out from lower Manhattan to "the country" ( !!! ) of Queens,,,if you can believe it, in 1947. Queens is the furthest thing from the country,,,,but it's where I grew up and I loved it!
    And no, I am not in the play I referenced; my son landed a role in it. He plays Bert, the main character's neighbor. Do you know this play "All My SOns?" I had actually never read it in high school or's a classic. oh my. The cast is so talented. The way they breath life into Arthur Miller's words...unreal.
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