Friday, 11 January 2013

Weekly wrap up -- our quarterly addition

During the Christmas holidays I took a look at where we were in our schooling to get an idea of where we are in relations to my target goals for the year.  So here is a run down on what we have accomplished so far this year:)

Math -- Both kids are continuing with Math U See and making good progress so no worries here. Little Man has taken off with learning his Multiplication tables.  Princess is doing well with learning division.
On target

Language Arts -- IEW program - We have completed the first section of this program and I have to say I am pretty pleased with it.  Little Man is actually constructing paragraphs, while he still needs some assistance, it isn't the teeth pulling experience it has been in the passed.  Princess is also taking off with her creative writing in addition to IEW she is writing a fantasy novel and I am very pleased with her creativity.
On target

Grammar -- Continuing to use Growing With Grammar and making good progress.  My kids aren't thrilled this year with this program to which I am disappointed so may have to look into changing.  But what kid likes grammar:( so not sure whether to keep going or make a change--decision, decisions....
On target

Spelling --  Continuing with AAS.  Both kids are behind on what book they should be on mainly because this is an area I completely missed last year.  However we are making up for lost time.
Still behind overall but on target for where we started:)

Reading -- Currently both children are reading the Iliad and the Odyssey as their school assignment. In addition they do lots of personal reading of their choice.  Kids have completed reading Gilgamesh all 12 tablets for our studies in Mesopotamia.
On target

Art -- We have completed our study on Remington and in Jan will be learning about Georgia O'Keef.  My goal was for us to accomplish at least 4-6 artists this year.
Slightly behind I had hoped to have 2 artists completed by now

Music --  The children are continuing their Piano lesson and are studying for their level 2 test for ARSBM in February.  We have also studied 2 composers, Haydn and Mozart.  My goal was for us to cover at least 3 composers this year.
On target

Geography -- We are studying Argentina at the moment.  My goal was for 4-6 countries completed this year, I hope to catch up in the New Year, as we got carry away with our history lessons:)
Slightly behind  I had hope to have 2 countries completed be now

History --  We just completed studying the Mesopotamia period and Alexander the Great.  We will be moving on to the Indus Vally in January, we hope to move on to Ancient China by March to finish the year of our history program.
On target

Typing/computer --  Kids continue to type daily and even some school assignments are completed on the computer.  We have also downloaded the program Alice and Scratch in an effort to increase computer programming skills.
Behind on  computer programming skills but on target with overall typing skills

Character training-- Been very happy with our new program Character first and we have completed two sections, Responsibility and Patience so far.  My goal is to complete 6 traits before the end of the year.
On target

Spanish -- We have finally completed the Olivata Oink program and are moving on to Rosetta stone.  I am really hoping this works:(  I am not happy with the children's process in this area
On target but still not happy with our overall progress:(

Science -- We have finished Real Science 4 Kids Physics book and will continue to work with our friends on science weekly for experiments.  We have decided to do the Solar system.  While my kids did this 2 years ago I concentrated mainly on planets.  We will be using Real Science for kids book as the spine and we will be approaching the study of space in a different way.
On target

Handwriting -- Continuing with our Hand writing with Tears book.  Princess working on cursive and Little Man on improving his printing.
On target

Physical Education -- Kids are continuing with their activities of Horse riding, Martial Arts, and swimming lessons

We are right on target this year, which is pretty unusual for us,  so I am pretty happy with our curriculum choices and progress this year.


  1. Love those "on targets"! I am not sure we would have near as many. Good work.

  2. Good for you! I doubt I've ever had a year with so many "On Targets". I can't believe your kids read Gilgamesh and are reading the Iliad and the Odyssey! What versions are you using? I swear if you tell me they are reading full versions, I may just have to stop reading your blog, as I will feel so completely lame in comparison! If you tell me they're reading versions in Ancient Greek, well.... splutter... I'll just have a heart attack! So be careful what you say, else you may have a heart attack on your conscience! (I wouldn't seriously have a heart attack, of course, but I'd be mightily impressed as Ancient Greek is a horridly difficult language.) :-)

  3. LOL no my kids are reading the real versions, I am not trying to be super Home ed MOM and my kids aren't super HOme ed kids either. Here are the kid versions we are reading:

    Both are great books that I found in a thrift shop:) lucky chance for me

  4. Impressive-do you have a schedule or set the children a fixed amount of work each day?

    1. I will try to put up a post on our days soon but on average we do about 4 hours of work per day but I am very flexible and we stop for outing and field trips

  5. Awesome!!! You are doing great!!! I need to use this chart to make sure we are actually getting around subjects so smoothly....hmmmmmm

  6. You are amazing. It is so fun to read about what you are teaching your children and how they are progressing. I myself have learned a lot this year just by following your blog posts. I love your adventures.