Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Theater Trip to London

For the last four years for the kids birthday we have elected not to have birthday parties.  Instead, we plan a special family outing for the Birthday child.  While living in England my daughter has always chosen to see a Theater performance and this year we went to see "Walking with Dinosaurs."  We saw over 20 life size dinosaurs and how they got them to move around the stage was amazing.  It was a great show!

The show is narrated and begins at Pangaea and talks us through the  3 geological periods concentrating on the a few dinosaurs from each period

 we met the Liliensternus dinosaurs of the Triassic period

Then came the Jurassic period and we met a Allosaurus  

Stegosaur being chased by the Allosaurus


Ornithocheirus -- looks like a Pteranadon to me:)



Lastly we saw the most famous of Dinosaurs the T-Rex of the Cretaceous  period

Ending with the the meteor hitting the earth
 After the show Princess decided to have her Birthday dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe again, this year.  It is her favorite restaurant.  While there she decided to have her face painted with a dragon -- her favorite animal!

We had a great time in London seeing a show.  Going to a London show was a great Birthday tradition while we lived here.   It is something I hope we can continue when we return to the states.


  1. That was such a fun Birthday Adventure. Your children have been greatly blessed by the many fun events you have had.
    The pictures were outstanding and especialy the last one.
    I loved this one and blessings to you all!

  2. That looks like an intense show! I love the dragon tattoo. Now you can say that your daughter is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (har, har, har, aren't I the comedian). :-)