Friday, 12 October 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

For the last couple of weeks I have been  publishing posts regarding our Tanzania trip.  However behind the scenes we have begun to work on our school work and get back into the swing of things again.

Language Arts:
Kids are completing a journal on our Africa trip.  They are picking one picture for each day of the trip and then writing a paragraph or two about that day in our trip.  We only have a couple of more pages to complete and then we are going to turn them into books.  As soon as this is done we plan to begin our new IEW program which I am still reviewing and getting prepared for

We have begun our study on Ancient Mesopotamia.  I just order a children's version of Gilgamesh and hope it arrives soon.  I have found a web page Ancient Mesopotamia where we have read a bit about Gilgamesh and King Hammurabi and read thru his 282 laws.  In addition we have started reading the Hittite Warrior (book recommended thru sonlight curriculum).  This past weekend we visited the British museum and explored all the artifacts from the Mesopotamia period. 

We got in touch with our friends and we are getting back into our Science lesson and had our first lab session...We are working on electrical energy.

Kids are working with their piano teacher preparing for the Christmas concert, so I am listening to the kids learn Carol of the Bells.  We are also learning about composer Haydn which is one of the musical pieces they are learning for their level two Piano test.

Kids really wanted to create a Serengeti wall mural so we are busy creating and coloring, hopefully it will be ready soon to show you

Character Training:
I bought a new program this year and I really like it so far.  The kids and I are starting with the trait of Responsibility. 

Continuing with Math U see at their level and so far everything is going very smoothly for both kids

Continuing with Growing With Grammar and again everything is going smoothly

All about Spelling, Spanish, typing, and Hand Writing with out Tears continuing and going smoothly as in I am actually doing these subjects this year:) so I am off to a better start than last year:)

Physical Education:
Started a Gym class with some other home schoolers and we just had the kids complete the Presidential fitness test to see their base lines and I am afraid my children did not do so well.  This has highlighted a very weak area in our schooling.  However only 1 out of the 4 home schooled family did well on the fitness test.
The kids had to complete a 1 mile walk or/and run for the fitness test.  Princess crossed the finish line in agony!

Both kids felt this exercise was pretty close to child abuse, because I made them keep going even when they wanted to stop and rest.  Oh and I wouldn't let them stop to socialize or pick flowers, or rocks or whatever else caught their fancy along the track. Once again proving to the kids I am just the meanest.....

All of the kids extra curricular activities have begun up so I am trying to balance my crazy schedule.  Every year I swear I won't do so much and every year I over extend myself:(  But we are off to a great start.

I am trying a new method of recording what we are doing using the Olly homeschool record for Ipad.  There is a Mac version which I might consider  getting in a couple of months.  I really like typing up what the kids are doing each day and keeping records of field trips and attendance.  I am trying to get myself into the habit of this as once we return to the states I know it will be expected.  In England no documentation is necessary.   


  1. Little Man should get some sort of drama award for that photo of him crossing the finish line! Physical education has not been our strong suit either. :-( That Olly homeschool record looks a lot like HST+, which is what I use. A lot of states don't require reporting of any sort. I keep track just in case someone ever calls CPS on us or something... I'm uber paranoid, partly because when I started homeschooling it was more of a very real threat. Now, it is unlikely anything would come of a report to CPS, still one does hear of nightmare stories....

  2. wow, I very impressed with all you are doing with your homeschooling. You continue to amaze me with all you are teaching and providing life experiences for your children. I love following your blog and have learned so many things from you. Keep up the good works and thanks for sharing what you are doing.
    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Sounds like you have a full educational life.
    We've been on hiatus and having trouble getting back to the books.
    There is so much to learn without books and it's wonderful but I have a hard time keeping time track of subjects without the books.
    What would I put social living under for a subject? What I mean is that she went to a youth retreat and the lessons were on getting along with everyone, how to treat everyone fairly and the same etc?

    1. Hi Marsha,
      Excellent question...I would probably put it under character development or health. What a wonderful opportunity for your child.

      Whenever we take a break from school (to travel) it is always hard to get my kids (and me) back into the swing of things.