Monday, 29 October 2012

Mesopotania crafts

We are continuing our studies and while looking at some books decided to create a house from the Catal Huyuk period and a river fishing boat from 4000 BC used in the River Euprates.  We had left over clay from when we practiced our Cuneiform writing.
Learning about water travel between the two River

Pinching the clay into a round shape

Making a mast

and adding it to the boat

poking holes to help with rigging strings which we will add once boat is dry

Completed fishing boat.  We are hoping to paint it and then see if it floats once it is completely dry.

Princess decided to recreate one of the homes from the Catal Huyuk period she found it interesting that the homes had no doorways and people entered the homes from the roof tops.

Rolling out our clay to make her model house

Building construction begins, great exercise on measuring (math skills)

Adding a hole in the roof and building up the edges as noted in the book

Using toothpicks to represent the wooden beams in the homes

constructing a wooden ladder
Completed house from Catal Huyuk
 We had a fun day learning and creating!  Kids were so excited to show Daddy what they had made!


  1. Wow, entering the house through a hole in the rooftop! I guess the women had to wear their babies, or else they would have had a problem lowering the babies down. Still, what happened when it rained, I wonder?????

    1. In the pictures we had it looks like they may have used woven mat to cover the roof top holes but the written portion of the book didn't mention it so we didn't make one:)

  2. Those round boats are so interesting. Have you read Thor Heyerdahl's books? Kon Tiki? He did experiments on how ancient people may have migrated by making a reed boat and a log raft. It may go well with some of these studies?

    1. I haven't heard of that book off to go find it on amazon and then see if my library can track it down. Thanks for the recommendation

  3. Wow, I think the boat and house are great. It is so interesting to learn about different ages and their culture. When you can use math in the middle of the learning is awesome. I am learning many things while following your posts.
    Loved this one and Blessings to you all!

  4. What a great the boat. Please consider adding this to Look What We Did. -Savannah

  5. Wow, they are both excellent models. I am very impressed.

  6. This is the 2nd post I've seen recently that's now got me itching to work with clay.....