Friday, 21 September 2012

Sewing project -- A Teddy Bear?

I am always on the look out for simple sewing projects that I think my kids can do.  They already know how to do the running stitch, whip stitch and we have done a little machine sewing.  A friend sent my daughter a How to Sew Bear pattern for her birthday last year, so we recently got it out and got started sewing.  We invited friends over and they too copied the pattern and made their own bears with us.  While we started off as a group doing this project each family completed the assembling of the bear on their own.
pinning the pattern down

cutting the pattern out

Using the sewing machine.  Little man needed some help to guide the material and controlling the foot pedal
Princess has only one speed when it comes to sewing and it is FAST!!!!  Kind of scary to watch her:(
Stuffing our bears

Needed to use a large wooden spoon to push the stuffing down firmly
Concentrating hard and learning a new sewing stitch -- the back stitch.  Kids already know the whip stitch and the running stitch from other sewing projects we have done.

Little Man needed a bit more guidance but he did well.  The kids sewed up the ears and the body of the bear.  I did the arms and legs of each bear.

Sewing on the buttons for eyes.  This is the first time the kids have sewed on any buttons.

Completed Bears!
The kids have dubbed the Bears "Frankenbear" because according to them the bear has mouse ears, seahorse body, elephant legs and gorilla arms!  But I did note both kids took the bear up to their rooms to display, so I think they like them:)!

If you know of any great sewing projects for kids please share:)


  1. Gotta love the name "Frankenbear"! That is great that they are learning so much about sewing. I never learned to sew and don't even know what a whip stitch is, though I may know how to do it and just not know the name. I really wish I could sew. I didn't care too much until I hit 40 and all of sudden, clothes just don't fit me like they used to. What I would give to be able to make my own clothes! I plan to try to learn, but who knows how long it will take. In the interim, I struggle to find clothes that fit well.

  2. What a great project. We also love projects like that. I once picked up a book with patterns for Pooh and friends. Your kids may be a little old for Pooh, but maybe they would enjoy making these figures as holiday gifts for younger family members?

  3. I think they look great! Your son especially will be so glad he can sew later in life when he needs repairs done to his clothes. When I met my hubbie, he could sew buttons on, and was very creative with hand-sewing leather patches onto his jeans. :-)

    The site FreeNeedle has loads of links to cute, free patterns and tutorials, including bags, pencil cases, and toys. You can find it here:

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