Friday, 7 September 2012

Grimes graves

We went to visit a local flint mine that is over 4 to 5000 years old.  It has been on our list of places to visit for quite some time.

Grimes Graves was first discover in the late 1800's and it still hasn't been completely excavated

Tools used by the people to excavate the flint from the mines

How it is assumed it was done
There is over 433 shafts found on 96 acres.  Having just returned from some WWI sites it looks a lot like bomb craters littering the fields
aerial view

Entrance to the mine that we could explore
Little Man's face when he saw the ladder down to the mines..he is a little bit unsure of it

36 steps going pretty much straight down, it is a little unnerving

At the bottom of the mine looking up to the opening

We found flint in the chalk wall

kids loved exploring in the additional tunnels
The only light used back then would have been chalk bowls with animal fat.  It was pitch black in some areas
Walking amongst the crates.
the end product of the procedure producing flint tools
I am always so impress with the ability of our ancestors.  They were able to accomplish so much with such primitive tools and lighting.  Another wonderful learning experience.


  1. Not sure if I'd be up to going that far down! So cool though! I agree- it is amazing how much was accomplished well before the conveniences that modern technology has provided us.

  2. Going in mines is so fascinating. It's not only a history lesson, but a science lesson too. I bet it goes great with the rock and fossil study you did.

  3. I think I would've been nervous too. That would have been really interesting to see.

  4. Clearly you guys do not suffer from claustrophobia! There is no way that I could climb down all those steps into those caves! The WWI trenches and tunnels made me nervous enough, just thinking about them, but these caves look like they'd be too much for me. I don't even think I could bring myself to go down the stairs. It looks really cool though and I'm glad that you did it and brought out pictures for the rest of us to see, so we don't have to ever feel the need to go down there. :-)

  5. I am not so sure you would catch me heading down a mine! It looks like a very interesting field trip though! Thanks for sharing with us over at NOBH! :)