Friday, 10 August 2012

A little Magic is Gone!

* **Spoiler Alert***

 Don't read with little children around and they still believe in:

Probably the last picture of Princess with Santa Claus

Today was a little sad day for me as my oldest, Princess, informed me this morning that she no longer believes in the Tooth fairy, Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny:(.   I knew the time was coming, it probably would have happen a couple of years ago if she had gone to school but since we home school we were able to go a few extra years.

 Just this year my husband and I had talked about how long we should keep up this magic for the kids.   I wasn't quite ready to let go of this bit of their childhood.  Keeping the secret was probably more for me, as I love surprising and teasing the kids.   I was amazed at how smoothly the conversation went.

Princess: Mom I need to tell you something, pulling me into her room and closing the door
Me:  what?
Princess:  I know you are the tooth fairy, I saw you this morning sneaking into my room
Me: you did?
Princess:  I have suspected it for awhile
Me: Really?
Princess:  Since we were at Nana and Papa house (which was this past March/April)  I thought I heard you then but I couldn't see you cause I was turned the wrong way in bed
Me:  OH!
Princess:  And then again I heard you while we were on Holiday in the Orkney's (June) but again I was facing the wrong way in bed.  But last night I finally caught you sneaking in my room.  Also some of the movies we watch now have hints that there isn't any Santa Claus or Easter bunny.
Me:  Well you now know a special secret.  Parents like to create a little magic for their children when they are little.  Now that you know you can join the fun and help us create magic for your little brother.  You mustn't tell...
Princess:  I won't...but Mom, will I still have presents at Christmas?
Me:  laughing, I am sure you will.

That is it, our short conversation and no tears, no accusations, no drama.  Whew, what a relief!  I was worried how I was going to break the news to the kids and how they would take it, considering I have spoken to grown adults who claim to be traumatized by the fact their parents lied to them. But  I guess figuring it out on her own worked out just fine.  Wonder how long we will have with Little Man before he figures it out.


  1. Wow! That sounds like more of a birds and the bees conversation. My husband is/was Jewish, so he never bought into Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. He also would never tell a lie to the kids and felt very strongly that I shouldn't either. So though we do not offer up the truth, we don't deny it or go to great lengths to mask it. Usually our kids figure things out around the age of 5. My mom gave up on keeping the secret with me when I was barely 4, because I asked so many questions, it was driving her insane.

    1. I know several families that feel it is lying to tell their kids about Santa Claus...

  2. Awwww. Well done for keeping it going so long!
    Glad Princess was so matter of fact about it.
    The knots we parents get ourselves into!!

  3. Writing the entire conversation will create a great family memory. It's so innocent and honest. I'm glad this went well for you.

  4. This is a really interesting and timely post for me.
    My eldest (7) is currently VERY into fairies. She totally believes in them, and as her mother I am prepared to do everything I can to indulge and preserve this belief. But my husband worries it will backfire and she will feel betrayed when she finds out the truth.
    This post made me feel a lot better about the whole thing, and I hope her acceptance is as graceful as your daughters.

    1. My daughter also loves fairies, magic and anything Dragon related. I too have encourage this imagination and although she now realizes it is not real, came to her own conclusions she still loves to make up creative stories and I encourage it. I hope it goes well with your daughter.

  5. Aww, this is one of the reasons I'm homeschooling - to keep the magic alive! While I was teaching in public schools, I had first graders that didn't believe in the toothfairy or Santa anymore and is saddened me to see them without this childhood magic that I loved growing up with so much! My daughter's about to lose her first tooth - so the toothfairy will soon be visiting. I think I'm as excited as she is! :) I'm glad the conversation went so well for you and that she's able to keep the magic alive for your son!

    1. yes it is sad when kids as young as 4 no longer believe, I used to worry I was doing the wrong thing as so many people told me I shouldn't lie to my kids but I wanted my kids to believe because all to soon the real world will come to them. Childhood is for magic and believing in the impossible and dreaming of magic:)

  6. That's so sweet! I love how she handled it. And so sweet to keep the magic going for the little brother. Hopped in and following!

    1. Thanks for the follow I am following back love your shortcut for for enchilada's

  7. It's a sad day when that realization dawns on them or when others reveal it to them unbeknownst to mom and dad. (That's how I found out about all sorts of things!) So yes, homeschooling helps to keep the secret a bit longer but it sounds like your daughter's realizations went about as well as a parent can hope for. Thanks for the sweet peek into your family's growing up years!