Friday, 6 July 2012

Weekly wrap up....

I haven't done a weekly wrap up in a while so it is time to document all we have accomplished over the past several months.  We school year round taking time off when ever we are traveling or feel like a break is needed.   We have more or less completed the curriculum I picked up last year so the kids and I are doing more fun projects this summer.  I do plan on making a few curriculum changes for September but over all I am pleased with the kids progress and like what we are doing.

So here is our breakdown

Princess in using Math U See Delta and doing great
Little Man is using a add/substract work book and we are just beginning to explain multiplication concepts to him.

both kids finished their respective Easy grammar book and are almost finished with their Writing spectrum book (only one more chapter each)  My daughter has really taken off this year with her writing and showing more creative writing skills.
I have decided this year we will be trying the IEW program so getting ready to order it.

We had been doing science with another Homeschooling family and we made it thru the Real Science 4 Kids chemistry book and up to chapter 6 in the physics book.  We will resume the physics book this September with our friends.  In the mean time the kids and I are working on Animal Classification and are completing a lap book on this subject.  My husband found a great Ipad app on Animal classification that we are using.  I am  also using Montessori handouts that I found and putting together my own course for this subject.  I am also using the Real Science 4 kids text book but skipping the lab as I found other things that we are using instead.

We have been studying Tanzania.  We are fortunate to be visiting this country in the fall and are learning all we can about this country and the people.  In addition we did a study on Jane Goodall and her research with Chimpanzees in Gombe National park in Tanzania

We are now working with a friend weekly on basic art concepts.  My friend is an art teacher and is helping the children and I learn art vocabulary and concepts.  In addition we are continuing to work with the Meet the master program...We are just beginning to study Winslow Homer and complete an art project

Kids are continuing with their Piano lessons and have just passed their level one test on the piano.  We will begin working on level two piano skills with their instructor and are preparing for a summer concert in 2 weeks.

We are continuing with our study on WWI, by reading books and watching documentaries.  We plan on taking a trip through France soon to see some of the WWI sites.  We are also working on a Lap book on the Olympics the history of and of course the London 2012 lap book from Hands of a Child. I have found many extra free resources on the web.

Physical education
Kids are continuing to take swim lessons, martial arts and horse riding lessons.

The kids have been reading books of their choice for the past several months and are completing the summer reading program with the base library
Princess is reading every book she can find by the author Erin Hunter, whereas,
Little Man is enjoying the Andrew Lost series by JC Greenburg (we have downloaded all 18 books onto his kindle and he is spurting off scientific facts every day)
I have been reading the Hunger Games Trilogy books in my free time

Extra curricular activities include
Boy Scouts
Girl scouts

The only 2 things that we have fallen behind in are our Spanish and All About Spelling lessons
I have been behind on these two subjects all year:(

Kids working on the Animal Classification cards I found online


  1. We have been behind on Spanish all year long too- and my kids have class once a week. They are *not* the stars of the class. It's nice to take a look at all you/the kids have accomplished sometimes-huh? Nice job!

    1. glad to hear I am not the only one behind on Spanish. I really feel as if I haven't crack the home school a foreign language nut yet:)

  2. It sounds like you an the kids have an excellent lesson plan and are making good progress. I have found it is usually hard to get through everything on the schedule. We all want to do so much. Tanzania - That sounds like another great trip.

    1. We are pretty excited about our Tanzania trip:)

  3. You blog is amazing. I love hearing about your adventures in the UK and all the hs adventures as well.
    My boys will be studying WW1 soon and I was wondering what resources you are using for your lessons? I have found very little so far.
    Thank for sharing!

    1. I sent you a email about the resources we are using hope it helps:)

  4. How awesome that you'll be visiting Tanzania and can study it ahead of time! Wonderful, too, isn't it, when your curriculum and plans are going mostly as you want?! :)

  5. Sounds like a productive quarter! And don't worry about Spanish and Spelling...You can't be productive in EVERYTHING! Or at least we can't around here! LOL You'll get caught up!

  6. How exciting that your family will get to visit Tanzania. I can't wait to hear about your trip. We're giving year round schooling a shot this year and hoping it goes well for us. Sounds like it's a good fit for your family.

    1. hope year round schooling works for your family we are quite happy with it:)

  7. Sounds like a great quarter, you are so lucky to be traveling to Tanzania, that will be a great experience.

  8. Another wonderful adventure planned!!! We are always behind in Spanish. ALWAYS!

    I wonder how you like Easy Grammar. Was thinking about getting them for all the kids in their respective levels.

  9. Tanzania sounds exciting! I know nothing about the country and look forward to hearing about your travels there! Glad to hear that they passed those darned piano tests! :-) What will you use for science once you finish the Real Science 4 Kids: Physics?

    1. I haven't figured out what our new science will be as of yet we would like to keep working with our home schooling friends in the science area:)

  10. Wow! This sounds amazing! While we won't be homeschooling next year as I had hoped, I am inspired by your summer projects and all you are teaching. I will be looking into information on the Olympics next! Love finding you on NOBH! ;)
    Love and God Bless,