Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tudor Days Part Two

In addition to exploring the inside of a Tudor home (you can find that post here).  We explored the grounds and learned about the common people of the Tudor period and saw the type of work and  amusements of the Tudor period.

We met a man explaining the Roman numerals and how to add and subtract, he also showed us how to multiple with Roman numerals which up to this weekend I thought wasn't possible.

Toy crafts women

Princess made a flower garland

Met a craftsman painting on linen panels which he would later hang in the windowless sills in his workshop

One of his finish pieces.  Wealthy landowners would not add windows to the houses or work rooms that the common people used as it would be considered wasteful, so these linen covering would be used instead or the common people simply did not cover the windows


Wood shed -- This gentleman is making a wooden ladle.  I have tried to use this tool and it is hard on the wrist:(  My wooden spoon (that I attempted to make a while ago remains unfinished)

Showing the kids salted rabbits foot.  Only the front foot is for good luck

Snail remedy for a sore throat.  Snail slime mixed with honey.  The gentlemen offered us a sample, we kindly refused even after we witness him eat some of it himself, ewww!

Woodsmen showing us a lathe machine, I have seen one of these working in other shows:)

Not sure what this item is called but he used it to hold a piece of wood down so he could plane it

Sawing wood

Showing the kids dogfish skin (a type of fish) which is used as sandpaper.  I hadn't heard of this technique before.
Outdoor cooking, meat and fish was very rarely eaten by the common folk.  We got to taste a barley and sultan porridge which was pretty good

Iron Forge

Iron worker

candles making--although it was so rainy that the ladies couldn't get the fire hot enough to melt the fat to make tallow candles
Finally the sun came out and we watch a play

Lady selling food to the visitors in an old wagon

Ladies watching the play and using a drop spindle

Musicians -- we got to listen to a Hurdy Gurdy which honestly is not a nice sound to my ears:(

Some Tudor games -- wheel barrel races

long bow

Men's wrestling which consisted of tying the men's forearms together

and then trying to knock one another down

female wrestling..they called it arse wrestling for wrenches--I wonder if they really did this?

still have to knock someone down:)

Pub games

Kids learning the game 3 Man's Morris and another table game called Horseshoe

Pouring some apple juice into pottery cups...Daddy and I had cider (the English kind with the good stuff inside)

We had a great time and once again closed the place down.  We were (along with dozens of other visitors) escorted to the exit with dancing and music.  We would love to go back and visit again:), and maybe one day we will:)


  1. Oh you didn't try the snail slime dish? I think my husband would have enjoyed the wrestling.

  2. Wow, I would love to go to something like this. I went to a Renaissance festival a couple of weeks ago, and it was no where as neat as this looks. I think my kids would learn a ton from something like this.

    1. After living in England I don't think I will ever be able to attend a US Renaissance festival ever again:)

  3. This looks like it was very fun!
    snail slime.... hmmm...

  4. Maybe the snail slime would be all right, washed down with a bit of cider? Love exploring the world with your family!

  5. Oh how I loved learning about this one. It is so interesting to see how the wealthy and then the poorer lived in those days. Loved the thoughts and pictures. What a wonderful adventure for you all. I can assure you that I would not eat the snail slime no matter how much it would cost. Yuck!!

  6. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Come check it out!

    1. Thank you:) and congrats to you for getting this award from one of your followers

  7. Ohh, I would have loved to see your facial expression when you drank the snail remedy! Disgusting!!!! I wouldn't have tried it either! Arse wresting for wenches sounds like it could be fun. I am totally fascinated to hear that you can multiply with Roman numerals! Like you, I thought it wasn't possible. Love Princess' garland!