Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy Birthday Little Man

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son!!!  He turns 8 years old today so I am looking back over some of my favorite pictures of him and the memories they have brought me.

His very first picture

Little Man's baptism

At a year and this was just a week before he started walking

Little Man's first hair cut at about 18 months.  He still doesn't like hair cuts

My favorite professional photo taken of Little Man

The day Little Man got a DS, he was so excited!!

He has been plugged in ever since;)

His look when he is not sure about doing something
Little Man as he is today:)  Isn't he so adorable!!!

You are loved so very much!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Little Man! A cutey to the max from day 1!

  2. He does look like a Little Man especially with that adorable red plaid vest at a year old! :) Great pictures! I hope he has a happy and blessed birthday! :)

  3. He is way adorable. I loved the pictures and thoughts of him. He is seriously cute. Happy Birthday to your Little Man.

  4. He's so handsome! I have a little guy who will be 8 next Friday. I still can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Thanks for sharing! Your fellow crew member.