Friday, 8 June 2012

Fossil Class

Kids and I have been attending a Fossil class for several week along with another home schooling family.  I did a post about the site here.  The gentleman who runs the class also owns the shop where the classes are being held.  So far we have had 3 classes and we are learning a great deal and having some great hands on experiences learning about fossils.  Here are some pictures of what we are doing so far:

 Class 1:  Learning what is a fossil:

What ingredients need to happen to make a fossil and what constitutes a fossil

Examining a Mammoth tooth

Fossiled tree bark

Class 2:  Tools of the trade to find fossils

Learning about the tools for digging up fossils
Kids got to hold and handle the various items

Also learning about safety, never go with out your safety gear.

Locating a fossil in the store's sand pit

Learning how to use a log to report where and what fossil was found
 Class 3:  Cleaning a fossil

Type of tools used to clean fossils

fossil buried in rock

air scribe

Kids got a chance to clean a real fossil, first soak in water

Next use a tooth brush to clean off dirt and mud

Next use a dental type tool to pick out stones from the fossil

Here the instructor is showing the kids how the more advance tools are used to clean fossils.  Due to this tools being more dangerous to use, the kids just watched
We are really enjoying our Friday Fossil classes and have several more to do then we are all going to a Quarry to go on a real fossil dig.  We are looking for to it and I will be sure to post should we find anything exciting:)


  1. Totally cool! Though Little Man doesn't look so sure about that mammoth tooth! :-)

  2. What a great science experience!

  3. What an adventure on this one. I love the hands on type of schooling you are giving your children. You are awesome! The pictures and explanations were great.
    Blessing and hugs to you!

  4. Looks like a great class. It is always fun to see what kind of classes are being taught around the country for kids.