Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Amusement park

For our children's birthday we go somewhere special as a family rather than have a birthday party, we have been doing this since the kids were about 3 or 4 years old.  Since Little Man's birthday is in June, for the last several years, he has chosen to go to a Theme park  He chooses a different one every year.  This year he chose to go to Chessington World of Adventure  theme park.   We  are usually out of town on his actual birthday, so we had his special day a week early.  It just so happened to be one of the nicer days we have had here in England.  Little Man is fearless when it comes to rides.  He will ride anything, the faster the better.  Princess on the other hand is much more timid of fast rides and needs a bit more coaxing to give them a try.
The large scale map of the park, trust me we hit every area as little Man insisted he not miss a ride:)
Little man is obsessed with maps and had to have his own to carry around with him all day.  He loved to show and tell us where we were all day long.
we had such a beautiful day:)
Daddy standing in line with Little Man at the Ramses Revenge ride.  His face before he saw what the ride does:)!

Upside down ride---Princess and I sat this one out:)
Daddy's face after seeing what he will have to do on this ride.  He is not really upset but he definitely  was not looking forward to it.  Little Man on the other hand was so excited!

Daddy and Little Man in the back row.  Daddy has a strange look on his face.
Now they are upside and getting wet.  I think I will pay for making Daddy go on this ride;)  but the excitement on his son's face made it all worthwhile...but not enough to ride it again despite his son's pleas.

More our speed the Ferris wheel:)
We had a fantastic day!  We were there at the park's opening and stayed until the park's closing at 5 PM.  We were exhausted!  Little Man is already investigating a different Theme park for next year!


  1. OMG! Your hubby's facial expression changes are absolutely hysterical! I'm laughing so hard right now, I'm going to pee my pants! Poor guy! I wouldn't mind the upside down part, but I hate getting wet. I used to be like Little Man, except for rides that got me wet and ones with straight down drops. As I've gotten older, I don't enjoy rides as much. I especially hate rides that knock you around a lot, so that my neck hurts or something. I'll still will go on almost any ride if no one else will go with a person, but I still hate water rides and straight drops. The really annoying thing for me with water rides is that I will be the ONLY person in the group who doesn't want to get wet, yet I'll end up COMPLETELY soaked, while everyone else stays COMPLETELY dry. In fact, if you want to get wet, don't go on a water ride with me. I just don't get it, it's like I have my own private law of physics!

    1. LOL with the water rides, I try to save them for the last ride of the day so we can go home wet versus continue walking around the park in wet cloths:)

  2. Your husband's facial expressions were hilarious! I love reading about when families spend time together like this... the memories last a lifetime for you and your kids.

    1. Thanks Julie we enjoy spending time with our kids when they are behaving;)

  3. What a great idea! I've been increasingly concerned about the insane lengths some people we know go to with their children's birthday parties. So I've become the anti-birthday party mom. We usually have small affairs to celebrate our children. Doing something as a family and taking a mini-trip sounds like an even better idea! It looks like you all had a wonderful time (especially the birthday boy!) Thanks for sharing. And for linking up with NOBH. Smiles -

    1. Hi Amy,
      that is exactly why we do it this way, I was appalled at the cost of having a birthday party and we felt the kids were getting too many gifts. We are hoping this will hold special memories for the children. Honestly they don't miss the parties:)