Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Viking Craft Day

Our local re-enactment group held a Viking craft weekend so we could all learn a new skill to use during our living history events.  Since I am still trying to figure out what viking skill I have I signed up for a few things that interested me.  My husband decided to not bring his Viking war gear so he could also concentrate on learning a few Viking crafts.

My husband taught the kids how to fight using a spear (with a soft point)
Other group member still wanted to practice their fighting skills
My husband attending the leather workshop learning how to stitch leather properly.
I joined the cooking class and learned how to cook the Viking way over the fire pit.  We made oat cakes and cooked fish over the fire pit.
There was also a dyeing class learning to dye linens and wools using natural material. 

Both my husband and I took the arrow making class.  I have found out I am not too bad shooting a long bow.  I may make that my fighting skill for future events.

My arrow made from scratch.  I am quite proud of it:)!  It is a blunt arrow so I can't accidentally injure anyone:)

My husband sat in on an old English language class.  He really enjoys learning old English

Both of us worked on our Long bow skills, we are going to invest in a long bow so we can practice more at home and take back with us to the states.
I also took a class in textiles and learned how to do tablet weaving but I don't have a picture of that:(

It is my Husband and my hope that we will be able to use these  skills once we return to the states to show kids how the vikings really lived instead of the silly versions they see on TV and in the Movies.  We aren't quite sure how we planned to do this but that is why we keep learning and participating in this part of history re enactment.


  1. knowing how to use a long bow just earned you uber coolness points in my book. I've always wanted to take up archery. How did the natural dyeing methods turn out?

  2. How fun, thank you for sharing your adventures! We love looking at your pictures!

  3. What a wonderful trip! I would have enjoyed the old English class, too, although the spear fighting looks fun, too. ;-) I'm a new follower leaping over from the NOBH. I'll be back!