Wednesday, 30 May 2012

So You Think You Wanna Homeschool -- Review

Tiffany from Sweet Phenomena has written her first ebook!  YAY!!    I was excited when she ask if I would do a review.  I have been following Tiffany and her blog for about 18months and find her to be really down to earth and realistic about homeschooling.   Tiffany's book So You Think You Wanna Homeschool is also written in this way.  Tiffany has a way of writing so when you are reading it you feel as if you were sitting across from  her having a conversation and a cup tea.

So, You Think You Wanna Homeschool? eBook

Tiffany has been homeschooling since 2009 (right around the time I started home schooling) so this book shares with you all the wonderful knowledge and resources she has uncovered since then along with her first hand experience.  Not only will soon to be first time homeschoolers enjoy the many resources listed in the book, but veterans, like myself ,will discovered resources that they may not have heard of.  I am still checking out many new sites and resources found in this book, many I plan to implement in my home school.

Some of the topics discussed are:

Brief state by state guide of homeschooling
Organizing your home school
Types of styles of home schooling
Supplies and resources
and so much more...

 In addition to her new ebook, Tiffany is building  Pinterest site where she plans to continue to update links and add resources for Home schoolers.

For this week only Tiffany is offering her book for only $4.00 (regularly priced $8) and sponsoring a give away from Microsoft -- Home office and Business CD 2010.  Make sure you stop by her site Sweet Phenomena and order her book and sign up for the give away.


  1. What a wonderful resource, especially for moms who are ready to dip their toes into the wonderful waters of home schooling! I hope this encourages more moms to move to homeschooling their children.

  2. It is always nice to see more homeschool resources, especially if they can be of support to new homeschoolers. That period can be so unsettling, I remember looking often for advice, and reading lots of books! Thanks for sharing your review at NOBH!

  3. Thanks for the link; I am going to send it to my daughter. I always learn so much about homeschooling through your blog. I wish during my era of raising children that this could have been an option.