Friday, 25 May 2012

Heritage History Review

My family received the CD British Middle ages from Heritage History as members of the TOS crew. 

Heritage History offers a total of 5 curriculum series in its current catalog:

1.  The Young Readers which is designed for grammar school age students and introduces them to      Western Culture.
2.  The Ancient Greece collection
3.  The Ancient Rome collection
4.  The British Middle Ages collection
5.  The British Empire collection

Study aids that accompany each curriculum include:

1.  Age specific core reading recommendation
2.  Dozens of history maps.
3.  Outline maps and geography terms.
4.  Summary of each historical era.
5.  Battle dictionary listing all wars, battles, and conflicts.
6.  Short biographies of famous characters.
7.  Time lines describing major events of each era.
8.   Hundreds of high quality images.
9.   Accountability records 

The CD we received --"The British Middle Ages Classical Curriculum features books that cover the fifth to the seventeenth century in both continental Europe and the British Isles. Topics covered include the fall of Rome, the Christian conversions of Germanic kingdoms, Chivalry and feudalism, the Crusades, conflict between church and state, the Reformation, and the rise of parliamentary democracy in England."

Using this CD you would be able to transfer the stories to a readable device like the kindle, use it on a computer or print out the stories and put in your own notebook.  Which ever way that suits your child's learning style.  While there is a lesson plan there is still some work needed to pull everything together to make this your history program.

British Middle Ages Curriculum CD: $24.99
Printed Color Study Guide: $24.99
Dowloadable Study Guide: $12.99

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the British Middle Ages CD from Heritage History in order to complete this review.  The opinions offered here are my own and not influenced by my receipt of the product.


  1. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. I have three under 11yr old boys and is keen to learn how to improve on their reading interests.
    Found you on NOBH crew page and followed on GFC.
    God's grace!

  2. I did Linky too, just saw you don't wonder.

  3. As usual you are always finding things to study that are awesome. I myself would enjoy studying some of this. When in school I loved history.
    I will send the link to this one to my daughter who homeschools.