Friday, 20 April 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal and Weekly Wrap Up

In my life this week…

We just returned home from a month long visit with my parents in the states. We had an amazing trip and did lots of new things. It is so great to see my parents again and my kids just adore them.

We are trying to all acclimate ourselves to UK time and get back into a routine but it is going slowly. I returned home with 3 large suitcases full of new clothes for me and the kids. I have spent the week sorting thru their closets and drawers and getting rid of any item that doesn't fit or is torn. Next I need to tackle my drawers and closet, then I can finally empty out the suitcases and put things away.

Next I plan to tackle the school room where we are brimming over with school supplies. I am really going to be very selective about what we are going to keep. We just don't have the space to store things we might use sometime in the future. My husband doubts I will get rid of as much stuff as I need too...don't tell him...but I have that concern too.

OK, I admit it I am a curriculum there a 12 step program out there!

In our homeschool…

While at my parents I just had the kids work on math, piano and writing. We also went on lots of field trips while at my parents, and I counted them as Science and History lessons. So while not traditional schooling we did lots of educational activities while away. Some things we did:

Tour a Pretzel factory
Tour a Potato Chip Factory
Amish farm and buggy ride
Wolf Sanctuary
Attended a Show at the Whittaker center about Storm chasers
Nixon Park Nature Center
State Capital building of PA
Volunteering at a local Food bank

Since we are all recovering from jet lag this week we are still doing just the basics like math, language arts and piano. We did start right back up with our extra curriculum activities, like swimming, martial arts, horse back riding, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I did this so we aren't tempted (ok, so I wouldn't be tempted) to take a nap mid afternoon. This forces me (and the kids) to stay up and then go to bed early. The kids are struggling a bit with focusing on these late afternoon activities so it may not have been the best idea I had:(. I am hoping to start adding a few more school activities in next week but we will add things gradually. We school year round so I am trying to not put pressure on myself or the kids to get right back into the full school schedule. We don't really have any deadlines, but that little voice in my head keeps reminding me it has been 5 weeks since we have had a full school schedule:(.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We are staying fairly close to home but I did schedule a Friday play date with some friends my kids have been missing since we were in the states.

This weekend we are attending a Viking show at St Alfege Church were the church is celebrating a 1000 years since a Arch Bishop of Canterbury was killed by the Vikings. The story goes the Vikings stoned him to death, but instead of using stones they threw cow bones at him. I hope to learn more about this interesting story on Saturday.

My favorite thing this week was…

While the kids and I were away my husband bought a new Apple computer! We have been talking about switching over for some time but he has been a life long windows person and wasn't sure he wanted to make the switch. But after talking with some work people who are Apple fans and hearing me bug (ok, nag) him about how there are more Homeschooling apps on Apple products than on Windows he finally saw the light:) The other benefit is now we have 2 computers (one Apple and one Windows) so I can now have both kids on the computer doing work at the same time. I think it is going to make schooling much easier!

Anyone who knows me knows my computer skills are very limited so I am learning how to use this new operating system. My sweet husband even made a couple of cheat sheets for me so I can figure out how to access things I use daily. He has given up on getting me to read computer books, because I don't do it! Frankly that is what he is for, right? Please tell me I am not the only one who finds reading computer books beyond boring! Although my husband did tell me that once he goes over the cheat sheets with me, he will refer me to them whenever I ask a question on those topics. It drives him crazy when I ask him to go over something with me again after he has explained it to me a couple (well, maybe 10 or 20) times. Sheesh, touchy touchy;)! I am still learning and there are some differences in the program, I am liking it so far. My husband likes it a lot, and now wants to replace the other windows computer with an Apple. I think we will wait a bit before we do that.

Things I’m working on…

Spring cleaning, I have gotten the urge to organize my house. I hope it lasts, but alas it usually doesn't:(

I’m reading…

I am reading Chasing Mona Lisa (about saving the Mona Lisa from the Germans during WWI)
Kids are reading books for enjoyment. I haven't assigned anything to them while on our holiday.

I’m grateful for…

My wonderful family! I have parents who love and support us unconditionally, and a wonderful, sweet husband. My husband picked us up from the airport last weekend and he had my car cleaned and detailed, made sure there was no laundry in the basket and washed the the dishes. I came home to a perfectly clean house. He said he wanted to make sure everything was in order so I wouldn't have to do anything but rest. Isn't he just the sweetest, most wonderful man!! I am over looking his not wanting to answer a computer question for the 20th time thing!! I think I will keep him a bit longer;)

A photo to share...

My new computer...isn't she pretty:)!


  1. Glad you had a good trip! Sounds like fun!

  2. She sure is ;) We are in need of getting another computer ourselves. We have the one desktop and my laptop kicked the bucket on me. I am sooo missing having the extra computer so my kiddo can do work and so can mommy ;) i must figure something out soon. LOL Sounds like you guys had a wonderful trip! Don't be so hard on yourself... You'll get back into the swing of things before you know it.
    Oh and if you find a way to keep that organization mode going let me know. I too have great intentions and it never lasts long ;)

    1. Thanks Jenni hope you get another computer soon:0

  3. Welcome back! Let us know about that book. Love Tricia Goyer!

  4. Oh, wow! Sounds like you had a great vacation in the states and came back with some nice "souvenirs" (i.e. clothing). Enjoy the purging! I've been doing it myself lately...and although it isn't easy to let go of some stuff we feel accomplished and "lighter" afterward. I just "let go" of 1000? books, donating them to the local library. And now we can enjoy the "cream of the crop" that we still have AND can find! LOL

    1. WOW 1000 books that is fantastic. I love books too much to give them away which is why we have 6 bookcases filled with books. I am not sure I will be able to purge that much but I am giving it a try:)

    2. I tried to stop by your blog and comment Jennie but I couldn't get anything to post. I don't have word press so I wasnt sure what to do next:)

  5. Glad you had a nice visit, and it sounds like you got to have some wonderful educational experiences!

  6. It's wonderful to hear about your trips, but oh so pleasant to get back home. lol Enjoy your new computer, that's always fun. We have been purging a lot of curriculum too (and more). Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. I have been thinking you...moving is the best way to force yourself to get rid of stuff. We still have 2 more years before we move back to the states so I haven't forced myself to be really really picking about purging:)

  7. It sure sounds like a busy and fun trip! I own a mac book and have for a few years now, and LOVE it, good luck learning your new computer! Praying life gets back to normal for you all soon!!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

    1. Thanks I need a few prayers to get back in focus and in a routine:)

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  8. Sounds like a great the field trips you did while away! If there is a 12 step program out there for curriculum junkies, sign me up!!!

    Good luck as you try to get back into your routine and tackle the de-cluttering!

    1. Alas no 12 step program for curriculum junkies but there should be:)

  9. So glad you enjoyed your family time. As a grandma, I can only imagine how happy your parents were to have that time with you and your children!! Coming home from any away time or big event takes some adjustment time- a whole month away from the routine is a really big deal. Be sure and go easy on yourself and your kiddos. Good luck with all of your projects. Getting cleaned and organized is a good feeling.

  10. How cool about your computer! I don't think hubby would let us get an Mac. Apple is the "enemy" of his company. It's okay for me to have an iPhone, but a Apple computer would be too much! Cool that your husband cleaned the house and so forth. Usually when I get home from a trip, I learn that my husband backed the car into a pole, something caught on fire, or something of that sort.

  11. Glad you made it back home safe and sound. I really enjoyed reading about your travels.

    New clothes and a new Mac. Sweeeeeet! I've been a Mac person for at least a decade, although I'm not a techie, so if you have questions, just shoot them my way and I'll give them my best shot.

    As far as letting go of your stuff, well, just take it one step at a time. If you need some comic relief, come over to my blog and read about when multitasking met the treadmill...and lost.

    Be sure to take time for R&R as you acclimate to your regular schedule!