Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Fun!!

Since we have lived in England it has snow at least once a year. Not very much but just enough to make the kids happy. This weekend 3-4 inches of snow fell and the kids had a blast playing in the snow. This is the first year that Little Man has lasted longer than 10 minutes outside in the cold before demanding to go back inside:). I often feel it takes longer to bundle him up to get ready to go outside than he actually stays outside in the snow:( He is like his mommy who prefers hot weather to cold.

Princess made a snowman, so glad she can accomplish this on her own now:) I only need to go outside to take a picture.

Heading out to go sledding on the big hill behind our house. It felt like the whole neighborhood was out there having a grand time.

Snow packed hard and it made the sleds fast

Last year I think little Man went down once or twice before calling it a day. This year we had to drag him away with promises of hot chocolate and cookies at home:) He agreed but only reluctantly.

Then it was time for my husband to shovel the driveway. I think this is the first year we have had to shovel snow, good thing we remembered where the snow shovel was.

Look a real snow pile :)! My husband worked hard so I rewarded him with a cup of tea and some down time

We had a much needed quiet weekend, just enjoying family time.


  1. Oh! That looks like such fun! We didn't even get one flake of snow down here on the south coast!

    1. Too bad the snow missed you:) I like one good snow fall a year than I am done with snow but the kids love it:) Didn't you get more snow last year;)

  2. What fun!!! Love the snow but so glad I don't live in it! I'm with you, I much prefer warmer weather. Love that Little Man had a great time! It does sound like our lil guys are a lot alike!! ;)

  3. Yay what family fun! The kids look like they had a blast!

  4. Fun! That first picture really DOES look like the entire town is out on the hill enjoying the snow!

  5. Can I come and play at your house; I love all of your fun adventures. You captured some great moments and I loved it all!

  6. This is probably the first year in history that England has more snow than Edmonton! A new record! So glad that your family was able to enjoy it. Great pictures!

  7. That is pretty much how much we get each year. How long did it stick for? Our big problem (or good thing depending on how you look at it) is that it rarely sticks. The worst is when it heats up enough to melt it during the day, but freezes it at night, then we get an icy mess, but none of the fun of being able to play in the snow (unless you thinks slipping, sliding, and falling on your a** is fun). You're lucky that you have a safe hill to sled on. Ours all end on busy roads, so no nearby sledding for us.

  8. Oh this looks like fun! Here in VA we usually get at least one big snow a year, but this year's winter has been more than temperate. So I am jealous of your winter wonderland experience. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. Smiles -

  9. Looks like lots of fun, but I have to say I am NOT missing the snow this year :D Thanks for linking up at FTF!!