Friday, 24 February 2012

Signs of Spring

It has been cold here!! Even tho February is the shortest month of the year it sure feels like the longest month. In order to improve our mood and get out of the hum drums of the month we headed to a local garden to look for signs of spring. Anglesey Abbey is a national trust site and has beautiful garden open year round. Always a favorite spot of ours to explore nature.

I attempted to get the kids to record what they saw.

Snow drops

spring bulbs

Not sure the name of this one but it is pretty

crocus bub

We found Daffodils blooming

I can't remember the name of this flower

or this one, I really need to get better at identifying my plants:(

I loved the silver birch tree path. The gardens will power wash the tree trucks in order to maintain the starkness of the tree trucks. It was just beautiful.

Another path that I really like

The garden has an 265 year old water mill on the premises. It still produces flour the old fashion way.

Here Little Man is grinding the wheat by hand

Then the gentlemen were nice enough to turn the mill on so we could see how the machinary works. Some of these parts are over 100 years old. They can produce 1 Kg of flour in less than a minute. (I think I remember that fact correctly)

We had a lovely time exploring the garden and it gives us hope that spring is coming very soon.


  1. Love the first picture of the birch trees! Cool angle that you got! At first I thought it was a drawing. The gardens look a lot like my yard, though our daffodils aren't blooming yet, but the same type of plants blooming. I guess you guys have a very similar climate to Seattle...

  2. Hello,
    Plant names are:
    Winter Helibore (dusky pink or white)
    Wild Cyclamen
    Some kind of lily (!)
    and the yellow ones were Winter Aconite.
    Lovely photos!!
    R xx

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I couldn't remember the names:)

  3. What a lovely post showing the UK in the spring. The birch tree photo is wonderful. We have had a warm winter here in Germany, but it looks like you are a bit farther into the spring than we are.

    You are welcome to link this post or any of your other wonderful vacation posts on -

    1. I did and have now added your link up to my blog hops list to help me remember in the future:)

  4. Oh how fun!! There are several nature walks near us, we have to do this as spring comes!!

  5. The walking paths look lovely!

  6. Lovely post and pictures; I am so enjoying your adventure. I loved the beautiful flowers and it does seem like Spring should come soon. I am tired of the deary winter. However, we have only had one real snowstrom and that was last week. Strange weather!

  7. I don't miss winter, but I do love the first starts of spring! Thanks for linking up at FTF!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Spring is around the corner for us to. Can't wait!!!

  9. Great photos! Thank you for linking up with "Look! What We Did"!

  10. Beautiful!! I'm so jealous! :) I noticed my irises beginning to pop up last week, but that's a month earlier than normal... we've had a weird winter here!