Friday, 27 January 2012

Weekly wrap up

More like quarterly wrap up as the last time I posted about what we are doing was back in September. But I thought it was time to do another one to at least document what we are doing and how we are progressing:). I also highlighted where we are in relation to where I wanted us to be at this point in our school year. Since we school year round being behind is not quite as big a deal to me as we will just do catch up in the summer. However I do like our summer months to be lighter in school load. So here is where we stand...

We are using AAS and are trying hard to get one lesson done a week. I really like the program it is just fitting it in that is not always easy with everything else we do.
Behind due to not completing one lesson a week working on improving this

Hand Writing with Tears
Both kids are continuing with their work books and have almost completed the book they are on so we will soon start the next book. I will admit to not being very consistent with this as there always seems to be other things that appear more important.
Goal: Behind target

We are half way thru our Spectrum writing book which is where I wanted us to be at this point. Both kids are demonstrating stronger sentences structures. Still working on paragraph skills with Princess, but it is getting better.
On target for both kids

Continuing our study on the Victorian era and the Industrial revolution. I had hoped to wrap this up by Christmas and then move on to WWI in January. But I found one last great book that the kids and I are reading about the Industrial Revolution. By February I plan on moving on to study WWI.
Goal: Slightly behind target

Continuing with the Olivia oink Spanish program 2X a week. We are about half way thru the program.
On target for what we can commit too

Princess has started the Delta book from Math U see. Little Man is continuing with his second grade work book and is getting much better with borrowing and carrying over problems, YAY
Goal: Both kids on target

We are just about finished with our Chemistry book Real Science 4 Kids. We are on the last chapter of DNA and enjoyed it so much we are doing a little extra to really cement the information in. It helps that we are doing joint science experiments with another home schooling family who is very strong in this field of science. Next we plan on studying Physics together using the same Science program.
Goal: On target

We are continuing working with Growing with grammar with both children and we are half way thru the books appropriate to their levels.
Both kids on target

My goal was to do one country a month and I am trying very hard to do that but am slipping a bit so it is one new country every 6 weeks. We are using a multitude of resources to help explore and understand a country. I didn't have a set goal of the number of countries we would cover in a year, figuring we would do as many as we can.
Goal: On target

We are using Meet the Master art program and while I would like to do one artist a month is it more like one artist every 6 weeks. Currently we are working on Claude Monet. We are reading a great book called Linnea in Monet's Garden there is also a video out but I haven't been able to get my hands on it yet. Again I didn't set a set number of how many artist we would cover in the year so we are just doing as many as we can.
On target

Kids are continuing their Piano lesson with a instructor and working on taking their level one test. I am really torn about this process as I don't want the testing to make the kids feel judge about their piano skills. Not sure if this is something they do in the states but it is very important in the UK and the teacher is very keen for the kids to take the test. Right now I am having her work on the skills the children need to take the test to pass but haven't decided on whether they will actually take the test. I am just not sure the test is necessary for our purposes. We had a very successful first piano recital over the holidays that the kids loved participating in. We are continuing to listen to all kinds of music in the car with home made music CD's. Next year I will probably have to get more structured with this but it is what we can manage for now.
Goal: Both kids on Target

Kids are using the typing program Typing Instruction 3-4 times a week. Princess has managed to master all the levels at 20 words per minutes. I am going to readjust her settings and try to increase her speed and accuracy. Little man is still struggling to not look at his fingers and met his set goals.
Princess on target
. Little Man behind target

Daddy has been able to work with the kids a couple of times on the computer but still not what it should be, though no fault of his own, due to work commitment. Still haven't used the computer books I bought at the beginning of the school year:(
Goal: Way behind the eight ball on this one:(

Swimming--really pleased with how the kids are progressing in their swimming. A change in teachers was a good thing:)
Martial Arts--continuing to work hard in this area.
Horse back riding--Princess is still enjoying her lessons.

Extra Curriculum
Boy scouts
Girl Scouts
Homeschooling group activities and field trips as they come up.

Whew when I write it all down I suddenly realize how much have accomplished. I am very happy with we are at at this time and am happy all the curriculum is working out for us. The kids are even showing increase independence with some of their work which means I don't have to hoover over them quite so much.


  1. I really like your goal range after your summaries...very efficient! Handwriting and Spelling are things that are consistently behind target. In my family, they're also the areas that catch themselves up easily :)

    Stopped by from WUH wrap-up

  2. HEy! I just discovered your blog & I am enjoying looking through it. I have a homeschool blog roll that I just started on my blog & would love to have you add yours to the list. Thanks!

  3. I really like how you did a status update for each subject--I've been feeling generally "behind" but haven't sat down and really looked at specifics. Hoping to find time to do that when we get home from vacation!

  4. Well, I need to go take a nap after reading all that you guys do! I don't know how you do so much with all of the field trips/traveling you do. You also are reminding me of a few goals that I am missing, such as technology. Gohan was doing something with my husband, so I wasn't pushing programming, but now they have both been flaking on those projects...hmmmm, need to check in with them on that.

  5. I like your goal summary at the end of each category. It is a great way for you to visually see and note where you are at!