Monday, 9 January 2012

Gifts of the Magi

Last year I had the very good fortune to stumble across a tradesman selling Frankincense and Myrrh at a re-enactment fair. I quickly bought a sample as I had never seen it before and I anxiously to showed my children. I wrote this post about it last year. It was my intention last year to try to burn some of it but we never got around to it:( However this year I invited friends over and I pulled out my hoard and we got to work burning the resin.

This year at a trade show I bought some charcoal disks made for resin crystals. We popped in several small stones and then lit the charcoal disc with a lighter. Frankincense has a very sweet smell to it:)

I am burning this in a glass Pyrex casserole dish not on my glass top table:)

Myrrh on the other hand has a much stronger almost peppery smell to it.

The children were less than impressed with the incense burning. It also made my living very smokey and I was worried the smoke alarm would go off. We opened windows and closed off the living room door in order to prevent setting off the alarm. While I burn candles in the house occasionally, the incense was a new smell and the kids weren't very keen.

Recently I read an article on BBC that reported the tree that provides Frankincense is in read more go here.


  1. LOL! I love the reaction from the kids! Definitely a school lesson they will remember.

  2. Okay, that photo of your daughter is hysterical. The stuff doesn't exactly smell great does it. Hard to believe it was so valuable back then. Think how much money we could make if we could time travel to back then with Febreeze and sell it!!

  3. What a delightful experiment. I loved the kids reaction.
    I always learn something on your posts.
    Blessings to you for a fun one!

  4. Hi Anna-Marie,
    I brought out the samples you sent us last year, but we didn't burn any! Love your photos and thanks for the heads up about the smell :) Thank you again for our Magi gifts last year! Great way to celebrate the epiphany! Clicked a vote for you!