Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Science lessons

We are continuing our Science lesson using Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry Level 1 and really enjoying it. It helps that we have good friends that get together with us to do labs. Here are some of our different experiments. Since we are with friends I don't always remember to take pictures of every step so bare with me here:)

Unmixing a solution

We had the kids mix several items and then brain storm how we could unmix them. We mix, salt, sand, lentil and iron shavings into a bowl

Used a colander to remove the lentils

Use a magnet to remove the iron shavings.

Used a sieve, coffee filter and water to remove the sand

boiled the water away to reach the salt


Finding starches in food using iodine

We are enjoying both getting together with friends to do our labs as well as the actual science program - Real Science 4 kids.


  1. That just looks so much more fun in a group situation. We did one of the Real Science 4 Kids books and Gohan just kind of yawned through all the labs. Then again, he is not at all into projects of any type, so maybe it is just him...

  2. So glad you are able to get together with other homeschoolers for science experiments! Definitely more fun for everyone! I would love to do some sort of co-op within our homeschool families since it would put so much less pressure on me to do EVERYTHING and plan EVERYTHING :) These experiments look like fun and as always I'm sure your kiddos learned a ton! Clicked a vote for you ! :)

  3. neat experiments! We did the starch one in co-op not to long ago. Love the other one though, what a way to get them to brain storm. Reminds me that in Kauai they had these salt water beds where they evaporate the water to get the salt from the ocean. Anyhow, thanks for linking up to BTT :D

  4. Very neat! Thanks for linking up with BTT!