Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Science experiments

Our Science program this year has been a real hit. We are using Real Science 4 life and I have been very please with it so far. Right now we are working our way thru the Chemistry book. I was lucky to find another home schooling family locally who is using the same program. So us Moms got together and decided to get together once a week to concentrate on doing the lab work together with our children. We have met up two times so far and it is working out so well. I am very pleased as we can share resources, ideas and strategies for teaching so all the children can learn at their level of understanding.

This week we were working on experiments on the different types of Chemical reactions.

My friend created this great chart to help the kids document what they saw.

Lots of supplies gathered.

Each child was able to mix 2 ingredients and see the results and try to identify the type of reaction.

All the children passed around the sample and examined the reaction and then documented it on their chart.

I have really appreciated having an extra set of hands for these lab as I am not very comfortable with my knowledge of Chemistry, while the book is very clear and so far easy to understand I enjoy having another person to assist with these experiments. As I said before these sessions have been very successful so far and even the kids said they enjoyed them, helps that after science is over we have lunch and then the kids get to play and just hang out.

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  1. It's really good to see that you're getting together with another family for science. I find it difficult to do science on my own so we're doing it with others too, starting from tomorrow. I hope that works for us too.

  2. So glad you have been able to do Science with another family. Not only does it make planning easier, but the support is priceless! I don't know how I would get along without my homeschool support group. We don't do co-op programs like this, but each time our group meets it's a chat fest with the moms! :) Clicked a vote for you!

  3. What fun! Whenever I think of chemistry and mixing ingredients, I always think of Bugs Bunny, running away from a mad scientist and around the table in his lab, mixing whatever he could reach in a hurry. When he's done, he holds up the beaker and threatens the mad scientist, telling him what he's got in the beaker. The mad scientist laughs and tells him he just mixed all of the ingredients of a chocolate malted. I always wanted to do that!