Friday, 21 October 2011

Fire Safety Week --The Jaws of life in action

Last week the kids and I went to the military base to the Fire departments open house for Fire Safety week. It was a fantastic day and since their weren't many people there we got lots of personal interactions from the fire men.

Kids meeting Sparky the Fire dog!

Practicing using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. I didn't realize that extinguishers only have about one minute worth of chemicals to put out a fire. So each of us were timed to see who could put out the fire. Little Man took 30 second, Princes 4.8 seconds and I took 5.3 seconds!

A Chip pan demonstration. These are big in England. Chip pan fires are French fry grease pans. The Fire men said on base there are an average of 1 chip pan fire a year:(. I have never used this method of making fries preferring to bake them and after seeing this I have no intention of changing my method!

We have all been told don't add water to a grease fire...want to know what will happen...look at next picture!

WOW that was with only 1 cup of water added!!

An old WWII fire engine. Lots of fire equipment that the kids got to explore and ring bells, and climb both old and new. What was interesting about this WWII fire engine is the basket style object around on the pipes. I was told that it could be placed in a river or pond to soak up water if there was no hydrant around in the country side. The basket help stop weeds, rocks, fish from entering the water pipe and going into the fire.

UK Fire helmets from the 1700 up to modern day. The kids tried on them all I think. We learned that the first helmet were made of brass, then they switched to leather and cork and the moderns ones are made of Kevlar.

Kids loved this using the heat sensor machine, sorry I forgot the correct name. The Firemen let the kids play with this for quite a bit even letting the kids go into a dark room and try to find each other. Princess loved it and wants one of her own now:)!

However I must say the most interesting part of the day was watching the firemen use the Jaws of Life to take apart a car to get to a car accident victim. This was fascinating and I took lots of pictures:)

This is the car before the demonstration. The Firemen were so great they talk the entire process thru for the kids and I.

Coming to the scene of the accident, the first thing they do is brace the car with supports to stop the suspension from bouncing around and possibly hurting the victim. The firemen wearing the red helmet was the victims point of contact. He was talking to her and reassuring her that help was coming. He was also the person to let the medics know if the victim was in trouble and they would need to move faster. Right now they are acting as if they have all the time they need to do it correctly.

Once the car is supported a firemen enters the car to assess the victim and remain with them until they are able to get the victim out of the car.

Next the firemen went around to all the windows and broke them, except the front windshield which they removed.

Next came the Jaws of Life were the fire men cut the roof off the car.

First they removed all the car doors

Next they used the Jaws of Life to cut thru the car frame (I have close up pictures at the end)

They cut all around the car.

Next they use a tool to cut thru the seat belts.

Removing the roof of the car!

car is now a convertible!

Bringing out the back board

Sliding the back board behind the volunteer victim and getting ready to remove her from the car.

Getting her lifted/slid onto the back board!

Carrying the victim away from the car

This is what the car looked like after it was over. I think the Insurance company will have to write it off:)!

This is the damage that the jaw of Life can do to a car!!! it cut thru the metal so easily.

Kids were really enthralled with watching this process and when we got home they wrote it up in their journals:)

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  1. What a great experience!! My husband was a fireman for many years and would have enjoyed this :)

  2. what a great demo! The jaws of life are no joke, they have saved so many lives! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

  4. What a great safety awareness program! I am stopping by from NOBH.

  5. Thanks Belva Rae for the award what a great surprise to wake up to this morning:)

  6. awesome pix and what a great trip that was i bet.

  7. It looks like you had a lot of fun! We recently went on a field trip to the fire station ourselves.

  8. What a cool experience!!!

  9. Wow! I've always heard the warnings about water on a grease fire, but I've never seen an example.

  10. Even controlled fire is just down right creepy.

    Also...because I *heart* your blog I nominated you for two blog awards. I know it's cheesy...but hopefully you have time to play along!

    ...danielle - raising little rhodies

  11. Wow! I've never seen the Jaws of Life being used. Didn't even know what it was - always pictured some sort of 'jaws'. Fascinating post!

  12. Thanks Danielle for the awards what a nice surprise:) I will try to get to work on passing on the blog love very shortly:)

  13. That is sooo cool!!!! What a great experience!!!

  14. That is way cooler than any fire and safety demos I've ever seen. One of our friend's house burned down and one piece of advice that he came away with is that you need the largest fire extinguishers possible as the small ones last such a short time, they are useless. When you say 1 minute, I can't tell if that is the large or small ones. I am hoping it is the small ones....

  15. Hi Maureen,
    actually it was a medium size one I was very surprised that they didn't last longer. The firemen also mentioned that using the chemical extinguisher will result in some getting in your mouth and nose causing several days of misery (runs):(