Wednesday, 13 July 2011

What is wrong with my carrots?

I will admit I am a novice gardener, with this being only the third year I have truly tried to grow anything to eat in my garden. I have had successes and then I have had major failures. In fact I no longer try to grow tomatoes or peppers because I get nothing despite spending a small fortune on the right soil, fertilizer and so on. I am told tomatoes are easy to grow but that hasn't proven to be the case for me. So this year I didn't even plant them:)

For the second year in a row I have attempted to grow carrots. Last year my carrots were a tangled mess.

All the carrots were intertwined, small and rather strange looking:)

We got a great crop but really there was not much you could do with them because of the carrots size and the way they grew intertwined together:( Most went to the horse my daughter rides for lessons. I think I was able to get a few carrots to make a stir fry:)

(Last Year's carrot crop)

So after getting lots of advice on what we did wrong. We bought the correct soil, carefully separated the sprouts making sure we only had one carrot planted in each hole. Watched out for the so called carrot fly. Added calcium to the soil and really watch our watering. So this week we harvested our carrots and the results are not much better:(.

These are this years carrots. Smaller crop and the carrots are still small and weird looking. But none were intertwined, YAY:) Once again we had enough to add to dinner's stir fry but that was it. So I am thinking of adding carrot to my list of vegetables I can't grow, along with pepper and tomatoes:(. Unless out there someone knows what I am doing wrong and kindly passes on the information to me!

Join in these two great HOPs!!


  1. We are on our first year of growing veg, our carrots are very tiny, far too small to be weird shapes though!

  2. I don't know much about gardening, I'm afraid. I plant things, hope they grow, am surprised when they do, not at all surprised when they don't. I agree with you though that those are some weird looking carrots.

  3. My hubby is the gardener his suggestions were it's the seed, the ground is too hard so it couldn't push through, but yeah not 100% sure...they are def weird looking. lol Hope they tasted good. We are having issues with carrots and a few other crops here in HI....the carrots sprout up and then die (C wanted to plant carrots)...we have had success with beets, turnips and lettuce...our cucumbers, pumpkin and zucchini all caught some sort of fungus...we've had a few beans and one tomato...

  4. Hi Jen I will have to blame the seeds as we use a raised garden bed because I had added nice expensive vegetable rich planting soil:)

  5. HI Anna-Marie,
    I wish I could give you some advice, but since I know little about gardening I'm not much help :( Those are some unique looking carrots for sure! I hope you can get your questions answered so carrots won't be added to the "black list" :) CLicked a vote for you :)

  6. Sorry I don't have any advice to offer, but they are odd looking, lol! We are planning a Square Foot Garden for this fall, upon returning from our trip overseas. As this will be our first attempt, wish me luck! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I have a good friend, Jen at Bless This Mess who might be able to help. Her garden is amazing and she is growing it IN CANADA! If anyone could help, it would be her!
    Notice how I didn't offer any advice myself. That's because my forte is EATING the food that someone else grows!
    Love your blogs!