Saturday, 9 July 2011

Meet the Masters Art Program

While looking around this summer for an art program I came across this one on the Homeschool Buyer Co-op site. Iif you haven't heard of this great discount club for home schoolers, check it out. I have bought 3 things from them this year all at 40% off. So far everything I have gotten has been delivered without problem.

Prior to purchasing this program our homeschool art was mostly crafty in nature. However recently my daughter came up to me and asked me to find a program that could teach her about shading and textures! This took me completely by surprised as she is only 9 year old! Since my art skills are fairly limited to crafts I started looking around and discovered Meet the Masters Art Program. It was just what I was looking for. It has a little about each artist but better still a art activity that incorporates an artist's technique. Something that was seriously lacking in my home school art program. I purchased the intermediate program.
We completed our first Art lesson this week on Vincent Van Gogh. While I did supplement with a few extra books about the artist that I had on hand, the computer program gave a nice overview of Vincent, his brother Theo, and of his art. The art activity at the end of the lesson (took us all week to finish the lesson but I added in a few extra things) was attempt to create a picture similar to "A Starry Night".

Vincent Van Gogh photo taken from a book "A Starry Night"

Little Man (age 7)'s picture, using oil pastels

Princess (age 9)'s picture, using oil pastels

My attempt:), also with oil pastels.

We all enjoyed this lesson and can't wait to try the next lesson.

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  1. A friend of mine told me this was on sale at Homeschool Buyers Co-op, but I already bought the Mark Kistler online art classes for a great price at Homeschool Buyers so we are going to use these which my kids do love. Meet the Masters does look fantastic though. I'll have to remember it for the future! Hope you are having a great weekend and clicked a vote for you today (Sat.) and sent you some emails :)

  2. PS: I forgot to say that everyone's drawings are beautiful and so creative :)