Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Garden Harvest Part 4

I am continuing to join in the HSV Garden Challenge. Linkup is June 30th. You can find the rules here:

We are harvesting a few of our vegetables and making some great meals from them

Radishes, okay these were a bit small and out of 2 dozen planted I think we got 8:( Enough to add to our salad

Potatoes did extremely well. We have two huge bowl filled. If you are looking for a great summer recipe this is one of my family's favorite

Raspberries did excellent this year, I have gotten 2 bowl fulls this month:)

The carrots, broccoli and onions are still not quite ready for harvest

Carrots are still small but at least they are growing.

Spring onions almost ready

Broccoli, not sure about these, never grown them before. Are they suppose to look like this?

My daughter's flower garden is flourishing and she is thrilled that the poppies she planted from seed have flowered. Still waiting on the sunflowers

My daughter's poppy flowers!

We have 10 sunflower plants but they seem to be growing very slowly. But this is a picture of the largest one.

I think the flower garden needs to be thinned out a bit

What didn't work out --- our mushrooms! Not sure what we did wrong but we didn't get a single fungus:(

Last month I mentioned we were doing a experiment to see which would be better to rid our garden of snails and slugs. We used an organic an organic method -- egg shells on one section of our garden. On the other section of the garden we used a pesticide. We did this for one month in our garden. Our results our in, we prefer the organic method. While neither got rid of the snails or slugs 100% the egg shells did work for the larger slugs and snails. The problem I had with the pesticide was I had to keep adding it to the garden to keep up the snail/slug resistance. Where as the egg shells did not need to be replenished and did just as well as the pesticide and it was much cheaper:).

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  1. Looks great and yummy! Love your daughter's flowers! Clicked a vote for you today!

  2. Your garden looks great! Congrats!

  3. Look at those potatoes! What a great harvest! I'm trying to plan where we're going to grow potatoes in the spring. I haven't grown broccoli before, but I just ordered some seeds (plus a bunch of other seeds) for a fall/winter garden.

    The bonus to the egg shells is that they add calcium to help prevent blossom end rot. I learned that one when we started losing tomatoes.