Friday, 20 May 2011

Watching our Garden grow Part 2

It is that time of the month again to see how our Garden is doing. If you wish to join in the HSV Garden Challenge go here to see the rules:).

This month I am going to show you what is and what is not growing in our garden. We will start with our failures:)

First I will mention that England is having a very dry month, so dry that our 5 rain barrels that surround our home are all empty. We have been here 3 summers and that has never happened to us before. I prefer to water my garden with rain water but I have recently had to use the house water. There is talk of water rationing but so far that hasn't happened in our area.

Do you see any mushrooms growing in there? I don't:( I have followed the directions but so far no fungus is growing.

Our trays of green beans, foxglove and pumpkins have yielded one plant each:( We are thinking of replanting using different seeds and see if we can get better results.

Our successes!!!

We are starting to see some progress with our vegetable garden.

Radishes are ripening:)

Potatoes are looking healthy and should be ready to harvest next month:)

Mix lettuce is growing and looking healthy. I have no idea why they have yellow flowers the seed packet doesn't show the flowers :)

Carrots are looking good with no signs of the dreaded carrot fly:) The kids and I are doing an experiment. We are trying to see what works best for keeping snails and slugs out of our raised beds. Here we are using egg shells on the ground, which is our organic method!

In with the Broccoli we are using a snail/slug garden pesticide. We are taking note which is working better. We will let you know next month if one side fared any better than the other.
Right now one plant from each side has been eaten by something and every morning I am finding at least one snail/slug in each bed. The ones found in the pesticide bed don't appear to be doing very well.

Raspberry bushes are full of green fruit. I can't take credit for these as the previous owner planted them, but we don't mind reaping the benefits of fresh raspberries:).


  1. I've never heard of carrot flies!?!? I guess each plant has its own dreaded bug. I didn't realize that you had been in England for three summers already. Is this a permanent home for you or will your husband be re-stationed elsewhere?

  2. I love your garden; we haven't been able to plant because we have too much water; it has been raining constantly. Hoping for warm and sunny so we can get busy with our years.
    Thanks for you suggestions and the pictures are awesome. Wish we could send some water your way.
    Blessings to you!

  3. I am impressed, and a little envious. Oops, didn't I just do a post about envy. Anyway, I love gardening and can't wait to see how yours fairs this year. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hi Maureen
    We will be here until 2013:) total of 5 years and we are making the most of it:)

  5. Hi LeAnn
    I hope the weather improves in your area:) In the UK we are having a minor drought but so far my garden is doing well. I really admire your missionary work, can't wait to read more about it

  6. Hi Lynda,
    Thanks Lynda I seem to only grow vegetables, all my flowers die:) My daughter is not happy with our lack of flowers in the garden:)

  7. Great job gardening. Sometimes it amazes me what grows and what doesn't. And weather? My it's been picky lately. Praying for some rain for you!


  8. It is funny how there are always things that do good in the garden and things that don't. I hope you get some rain soon!