Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Southern Coast of Iceland

Iceland Day 3

We took a 15 hour bus tour to the Southern Coast (normally we avoid tours preferring to explore on our own, but this time we didn't want to be driving a couple of hundred miles on our own). We weren't sure the trip was going to happen as we would eventually be about 20 miles away from the volcano Grimsvoltn. Although it was rainy the trip went ahead as scheduled and we were able to see first hand some of the destruction done by the volcanic ash on the Icelandic landscape.

Last year's volcano that
caused huge problems due to large fine ash cloud

Holding volcanic ash from last year's eruption of Eyafjalljokul Volcano.

Another waterfall one of many we have seen but here we caught a rainbow:)

Jokullsarlon (Glacier lagoon) the icebergs are covered in brown/black volcanic ash from the 21 May eruption.

The boat toured around the lagoon showing both sides of the iceberg, one side covered in ash and the other side shows the blue ice.

We stopped several times to see the destruction of the volcanic ash. This is one of the many outlets from the main Vatnajokull Glacier, covered in ash; underneath all that brown/black ash is a glacier! Notice the water is brown; the guide said normally this water is blue green.

We also saw brown waterfalls all due to the volcanic ash.

My foot print in the ash it is at least 2-3 inch deep!

A small plant covered in ash


  1. Just beautiful and so sad to see all the black ash! The waterfall and rainbow pictures are so beatutiful! It must have been so wonderful to see such awesome scenery in real life! Thanks for sharing your exciting trip and happy and safe travels home! Clicked a vote for you !

  2. Wow! You got some awesome photos! I love the waterfall and rainbow photos. Is that plant a cactus? Is ash good for the soil (when it isn't totally covering the ground 2-3" deep)? I mean, does it eventually add nutrients?

  3. I read about your Iceland trip quite a while ago and was hoping you would link-up with I Saw it on Vacation. Do you have any idea how long the ash will be on the ice and plants?