Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Norwich Cathedral

This past weekend we took the family to Norwich, we had been here a month or two ago at the Dragon festival but didn't make it to the Cathedral. Since it was a beautiful spring day we headed back to explore some more of this lovely city.

Norwich Cathedral is over 900 years old and has quite a history. I love the way it has retained its old walls along with more modern architecture. Here we are standing near one of the older entrances

Most of the original stain glass is gone replaced with stain glass of the Victorian age. This magnificent window tells the story of Moses.

The large pipe organ. My son loves looking and listening to cathedral organs and even asked one of the tour guides how many pipes this organ had and if someone could play it for him:). Although they wouldn't play it we did find out this was the third largest pipe organ in England with over 6000 pipes.

One of the many ornate tombs we saw.

Although the cathedral walls are gray now there is one section of the church with these faded paintings on it. It is widely believed that Cathedrals were ornately painted during the medieval times but during the reformation the paintings were removed or covered up.

I love taking pictures of the old wooden door:)

My husband found this interesting sign and skeleton. You never know what you will find in these old cathedrals.

Relaxing and playing on the ground of the cathedral. Everyone was very patient while I took endless pictures with my new camera lens:)

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  1. Wonderful photos, Anna-Marie. I love old cathedrals, and I am drawn to the organs also. That is amazing 6000 pipes. I bet it is very loud, but beautiful. It's too bad about them covering up and/or removing those paintings. If they had only known... It sounds like another great field trip. Thank you so much for sharing it. I voted for you.

  2. This looks so beautiful and your photos are great! Love the stain glass and 6000 pipes on the organ is super impressive! I bet it would feel like you were in heaven if you were able to hear their sounds! It is a shame that the paintings were covered up on the walls :( Your nature photos of the grounds are beautiful, you should frame them! Thanks for sharing another great adventure! Clicked a vote for you! :)

  3. You guys take some fun trips! What a beautiful church! Oh, and I hope you like Peter and the Wolf! It is a neat CD.

  4. Between more than 600 years of time and the iconoclastic excesses of Cromwell, many English cathedrals lost their medieval artistic glories. Most of the remaining stained glass was too high for the iconoclasts to reach. What you tend to see now dates to the Victorian period, when they figured out that Protestantism and art aren't mutually exclusive.

  5. Oh, I so love stain glass windows, that is a gorgeous one too!

  6. Hi Lynda,
    My son loves some organ music if it isn't too scary sounding:)

  7. Hi Tracy,
    It always makes me sad to think of all the great cathedral art that we aren't getting to see due to the reformation period in England.

  8. Hi Christine,
    we do take a lot of field trips but there is so much to see here that we can't help ourselves. I am anxiously awaiting the Peter and the wolf CD. There were several more I was interested in so I hope my kids like it.:)

  9. Hi Maureen,
    I love stain glass and my photo did not do it justice at all. It was beautiful!

  10. The photos from inside...with the stained glass...are incredible!