Thursday, 10 March 2011

Solar System Art

We are very busy finishing up our unit study on the solar system. This week we have been completing our final art projects for the solar system. Several projects have taken several weeks to complete.

Space Mural
As we studied each planet we completed a aspect of our large mural of space. I found some coloring pages of different planets and xerox them to different sizes to add better understanding of the sizes of the planets for the children

The kids included the asteroid belt and comets. The kids added a few star stickers they found even though we learned there aren't any stars (other than the sun) near our planets. We have it hanging by our front door. the kids are very proud of their mural!

Next each child completed a solar system model. My daughter's one was done with clay, where as my son was completed with paint. They are planning to hang them in their rooms.

Next, I found a picture of how to draw an astronaut from the book Draw. Write. Now. and the kids and I had tried to draw. It was a bit difficult. Here is my attempt.

My 6 year old's attempt of drawing. We did not use the wording from the book instead choosing to write our own comments beneath the pictures.

My 9 year old's drawing and she wrote a poem about the moon landing.

My parents sent the kids some space ice cream that we had to try:)! Kids loved it.

Putting together a space puzzle

We are continuing to explore the night time skies with our new telescope, whenever the weather cooperates.

We have explored space for nearly 10 weeks and it is now time to move on to something new. The kids have really enjoyed this unit study as this has been the longest we have ever spent on a single topic.

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  1. Looks like a fun study. We are just beginning our solar system study, minus the space ice cream and cool telescope.

  2. This looks like so much fun Anna-Marie! Your kids did great on all the space projects. I love the mural! So beautiful! I voted for you today if I forgot to tell you! :)

  3. The mural is really great, and my son is excited to make the planet mobile. You did such a wonderful job on this unit study. I hope ours is as exciting. I voted for you.

  4. Hi Anna-Marie,
    Have a happy Friday! Voted for you today :)
    Maybe your kids would be interested in building a space creation with LEGO since you just did so many other creative things with space? Do you think that would help them get into LEGO? Just a thought :)

  5. Thanks for the ideas - must order some of that ice cr.eam for when we tackle space in May

  6. Anna-Marie,

    I love all the projects you and the kids have done. They are amazing! The solar system models are really cool. I think you all did a great job with your astronaut drawings. Thanks for linking up for the art showcase. It looks like you had a great study on space!

  7. CatlowMrs,
    Thanks for stopping by. The kids have really enjoyed this study. Hope yours enjoy it as much as mine did:0

  8. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the votes and I will work on the lego idea this weekend:) The kids loved working on their mural and solar system models.

  9. Hi Zelda,
    If you visit a space museum you should find the ice cream there. We are hoping to visit the Leicester space center, is that near you?

  10. Loving, learning at home,
    Thanks for following and I am following back:)

  11. Lynda,
    if you need any resources for space let me know I have tons even a few free lap books, if you do that:)

  12. Kimberly,
    Having your art link up help to get all the art finished this week:) I have your button on the side bar but forgot to mention the link up on my post for that I apologize, I was writing late at night and forgot in my haste.

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