Saturday, 26 March 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week...

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast? I have been extremely busy this week but have very little to show for it. Which for some reason stresses me out! The sun is coming up a bit earlier these days (time change occurs tonight, March 26th, in UK) so both kids are getting up extra early which means I am getting up earlier. I am not a get up before 7 am kind of person so I am dragging a bit this week.

In our homeschool this week...

Monday, I had a meeting so the kids played then in the afternoon we went to the park to met up with some friends. Boy Scouts this evening

Tuesday was the only real school day we had. Nothing very exciting just continuing our studies. Both kids had Horse riding lessons

Wednesday, I attended the Ladies International club meeting which I go to 2X a month, so the kids did no real school work. I got grilled by several people as to why I homeschool. I try to look at it from the perspective that most people here don't know about homeschooling is so they are just curious, but sometimes the questions can be a bit annoying. Both kids had swimming lessons.

Thursday was so beautiful outside, high 60', that we spent most of the day outdoors doing outdoorsy things like gardening, riding bicycles, jumping on the trampoline, hanging washing on the line and so on. Everyone did want they wanted to do outside and it was wonderful!!!

Friday the kids and I attended a fused glass art class, pictures to come in a later post. The kids also managed to score some frog eggs from a pond and we are now officially trying to hatch frogs:) My daughter had Girl Scouts and they had their first outdoor camp out. My husband and I brought our telescope to the camp site and tried to show the girls the stars. The clouds were not cooperating. Only about half the girls saw the planet Saturn, before the clouds covered it up and the other half saw the third brightest star in the northern sky, Capella. We had hoped for a better viewing night:(

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

Been on the go a lot this week, maybe this is why I am feeling like we haven't accomplished very much school work wise. My husband's work is finally slowing down a bit in that he has made it home nearly every evening for dinner and has both this Saturday and Sunday off from work.

My favorite thing this week was...

Spending more time with my husband. After taking my daughter to the girl scout camp we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant with our son. I did something I usually never allow, I let my son play his DS before dinner so my husband and I could talk and hold hands:).

What's working/not working for us...

Weather is finally getting warmer so we are spending more time outside. I have several field trips planned so we will be out of the house a lot more next week. While I don't think this is necessary bad I do have a few things I need to have the children continue working on if I want them to be prepared for the CAT test by May. So it is a balancing act at the moment trying to fit everything in.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

How many of you test your children at the end of the year?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...
We went to a Daffodil Festival on Saturday and saw these dancers. I have no idea what the costumes or the dance means but they made me smile:)

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  1. Hi there! I'm here from the workbox group and I enjoyed your post. I like the format you created. As for your question, I personally have not tested my kids at the end of the year, but that's just because we're all in Kindergarten! lol I don't know what I'll do in coming years. We might go ahead and join in the 3rd/4th grade assessment, just to see where we are, but it's not required here. So... I guess we'll see as the years pile up on us, as they tend to do. Great question and I look forward to seeing what others say. If you have a moment, you should visit me over at I'm adding you to my google reader, so I'll be stopping by often! :)

  2. I test my kids at the end of the year. Last year and this year we are doing the IOWA. Well, I only have two of the three kids that I am still homeschooling, so it is my 14 yo ds that will be taking the IOWA. My oldest son that I already graduated, used to take the CAT.

    We don't do it because we have to, just because we like to know how they are doing compared to the rest of the tested kids in the U.S. Usually, the results are just as I exptected, because, DUH, I am the teacher and I know how they are doing! :)


  3. You are always doing such fun stuff!!! You are a such a wonderful family to read about every week!!!

  4. We do yearly testing here for two reasons. First, I like to know where I might have missed a topic. Second, because my state requires it. I don't have to report results, only say that we took the test. We use CAT.

    Sounds like a busy week, but fun!

  5. I like the way you have different headings you fill it, it gives it a nice structure.

    My kids are Gr 1 & JK so I haven't done any testing with them at this point.

  6. Oh my gosh, those costumes are great! This looks like so much fun!! I know what you mean about going nowhere fast. I have many weeks where I don't know where the time went. Sometimes, I enjoy just staying home with my husband and the kids and do nothing. We actually were able to do that today as it was very windy and rainy over here. Thanks for sharing your week. Oh to answer your question, I tested the kids last year and have decided not to go forth with it this year. It really stressed Ash out and I figure if I am not going to test one I'm not going to test the other.

  7. Added by Life's Adventure from email:)

    My phone does not support posting comments on blogs from blogspot for some reason, but wanted to let you know that I love your blog!
    I get questions many times about why we homeschool and questioned if we have "finished" our schooling for the day when we are out and about early in the day.
    My reply on why we homeschool is usually a question and that question being "why do you not homeschool?" And when they ask us if we are done schooling for the day I respond with another question "does learning ever end?"
    While I have many reasons why I homeschool, I have found that few actually want to listen and they just make assumptions that I think I am better than they are and that my kids are smarter. I never make an assumption such as that. I homeschool because I feel it is the best thing for my I just strike them with a thought provoking question for themselves.
    I was once told that I should"send my kids to pulic school so they can be normal". I was very angered and hurt by that statement. I didn't respond well, and did state that my children would at least be more openminded than her grandkids becasue they have no preconceived notions of what "normal" is.
    I love your blog and will be following!!

  8. HI Christie
    thanks for stopping by:)

  9. Hi Sandi
    Thanks for commenting and I will be visiting your blog today:)

  10. Hi Mary,
    I will have to look into the Iowa, I test mainly for my own peace of mind. I don't test the kids at all during the school year just at the end of the year to make sure they are on target. :)

  11. Hi Renita,
    What a nice comment. I enjoying reading your blog as well GO Cougars!!!

  12. Hi Helpful teacher,
    I don't have to report to any state at the moment as we live overseas. I do it just for my own peace of mind also:)

  13. Hi Kristina,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)

  14. Hi Kimberly,
    Found out those dancers are called Morris Dancers here in England. there are several types of group and this one is the more hippie age group. But they were very fun to watch and the dancing was a bit crazy:)

  15. Hi Joede,
    thanks for the wonderful comments, it is nice to know people are actually reading my ramblings:)

  16. Sometimes we just have weeks where other stuff just happens, and that's ok! Sounds like you guys had a great week!

    How nice to be able to spend time with your husband! Love the pictures from the festival.

  17. Hi Anna-Marie,
    So glad your husband's work schedule is slowing down a bit so you and the kids have more time with him! The festival looks like fun! Your school week seems similar to mine- the weeks and time go by so fast and I wonder how I am supposed to get it all done. :)
    As far as testing goes, NC requires a standardized test each year after you register your child at the age of 7 with the state of NC. So I have tested my kids each year using CAT since they were 7. I test the week before traditional school takes their spring break. So this year spring break is Holy Week so I'll test the week prior to Holy Week. I'll be testing my 5th grade daughter, 3rd grade son, but not my 1st grade daughter. (I'll test her next year). I think I have mentioned before, but I use Family Learning Organization to buy my CAT, send it back and they will mail back the results. In NC we just need to keep our test scores on file at home, but they say we can mail in a copy of the results if we volunteer to do so. I usually mail mine in along with our attendance records. Each state has different requirements for homeschooling and I think NC is a state that doesn't require too much for parents. Clicked a vote for you and hope you are having a great Sunday!

  18. Happy Monday Anna-Marie! I saw your comment on my post for today. I hope your family likes the seafood spaghetti if you try making it! Clicked a vote for you today :) Have a good one!

  19. HI Tiffany,
    It was nice to spend time with my hubby as he has been working so much recently.

  20. Hi Tracy,
    Last week got away from me with so many commitments. I think I organize this coming week much better we still have 2 fieldtrip but I manage to schedule 3 school days. However the weather is getting so nice no one wants to stay in and do any work:(, including me.