Thursday, 17 March 2011

Celebrating Ireland

We decided to study a little about Ireland for this week, since it is St Paddy's Day this week. I purchased a unit from DNG which was on sale last week. We have used these units before and we really like them. Today the kids and I made Irish soda cookies and Irish soda bread. It was very good!

The cookies had caraway seeds in them which gave them a very different but good taste.

We have been learning all about Ireland and the famous landmarks such as the Giant's Causeway, Kilkenny Castle and the Blarney Stone, Waterford crystal and many more. We are also learning about animals unique to Ireland such as the Stoat, and the Connemara Ponies. The unit includes legends, stories and the history of Ireland.

Today my kids enjoyed watching Irish dancing and Irish musical instruments such as the bodrum, whistle, and Irish bagpipe on YouTube. So much so that my daughter announced that she "Loves Ireland" and why doesn't Daddy get a job there:)

In addition to this we had been busy reading up on Saint Patrick's Day using the free unit study from School Express and we also received a different one from Simply schooling. So this week has been fill with fun facts, stories and activities all relating to Ireland or St. Patrick.

It is tradition in our house for the children to build a Leprechaun trap the night before St Paddy's Day in the hopes that they will catch a Leprechaun.

The children set out a green mat with lots of green food, they thought it would attract a Leprechaun better. My daughter made a pipe cleaner ladder and attached it to a bag with a sign saying green M and M's inside the bag:) The idea was the Leprechaun would want the green M and M's and climb inside the bag and not be able to get out:) It was with great excitement this morning to see whether this trap work. My daughter was up at 6:30 hoping to find a Leprechaun. But alas the Leprechaun got away, however he did leave the children some gold chocolate coins, a book and a movie. Maybe they will catch him next year:)!

We also did a Leprechaun picture but I didn't realize we didn't have any green construction paper so our Leprechauns are a bit more colorful. But you get the idea:)

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  1. Looks like so much fun!
    I was just happy I remembered to buy the Lucky Charms this week! :)

  2. This looks so fun and festive! :) Love the traps and pictures! Glad you had a good week celebrating Ireland! Clicked a vote for you today!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day! :)

  3. I love Ireland too. What a wonderful tradition. Have a great day.

  4. Cool, it looks like you had lots of fun! I'm going to check out those unit studies, I wasn't familiar with that company.

  5. Hi Kara thanks for following and I am following back. Lucky Charms I never even thought of that. Might get that for next years leprechaun trap. Kids would like that:)

  6. Hi Tracy,
    Not sure how I got started with the leprechaun traps but it is a tradition now:)

  7. Hi Lynda,
    My husband and I did a couples only trip for three day to Dublin and it was wonderful. But I would really like to go back and explore more of the coast. Maybe one day

  8. Hi Maureen,
    We enjoy the DNG units they can be done for younger children or you can add more to interest older children. I bought all their country units and hope to do them all soon.

  9. Oh Wow! I love the idea of catch the leprechaun. How fun. The kids pictures are great! I love that you took your unit beyond St. Patricks Day and learned about Ireland as well. I didn't even think to do that. Thank you so much for linking up at the art showcase. I am really enjoying seeing all the creations made each week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. How fun!! I love download and go units. We are going to do the soccer one in the next couple weeks because we are starting soccer season soon.