Friday, 14 January 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

It is been an extremely busy week for us. However I am happy to say it has been a very productive week for our school work. In addition all our extra curriculum activities have resumed so we are getting back into the swing of things. We have dived in to our solar system unit and the kids are doing so well.

I am adding several of the Learning Pages space theme worksheets into our new Work Folders and it is going well. Plus I am supplementing as we go along. So this has been our very busy week!

We have started out learning about the sun. The site Simply schooling has come out with a interactive solar system computer unit (one planet a week for the next 9 weeks). It is geared towards grades 5-8 but I am using it as a stepping stone to introduced the kids to space. This week was the sun unit and the kids enjoyed the interactive component, and I wasn't too worried if they understood all of the unit as it went in more detail than I expect my 6 and 8 year old to know. In addition we have gotten lots of books out of the library and are reading about the sun. I am also having the kids make a solar system lap book and we completed the mini books on the sun. We have watched the Magic school bus TV show Seeing Stars and Bill Nye's the Science Guy Sun DVD to give the children more exposure to understanding the Sun. Our field trip this week has been to see the Cambridge Observatory and attend one of their lectures and use their telescopes to see the stars.

I have touch briefly on the history of astronomy by discussing the early astronomers and how people thought the earth was the center of the solar system at one time. We will be addressing this further as well as the history of the space race and learn about some famous astronauts.

The kids are continuing to work on their respective areas. Princess is continuing to work on multiplication and division. Little Man is continuing to learn addition and subtraction. I am using the Solar system math work sheets instead of their usual work books as a way to mix it up.

Language Arts:
We are continuing to use our Spectrum writing books for each child. I also have some solar system language art worksheets to add a little variety to their lessons.

All About Spelling:
We are continuing to use the AAS program and loving it. Princess has just started book two and it is going well. Little Man is still in book one but is really getting the spelling rules. He will be in book two very soon.

We have been using the Keyboard Town Pals typing program which my kids like. I was just recently asked by the owner Donna Katz if we would like to try their new program for typing which also includes Character development. We are excited to be giving this a go and have finished the first lesson. I was very please to see both kids typing words from their heads and not coping from a worksheet.

Continuing with our Piano lessons using our key board. Both children are now in book 2 of Pianimals. I can't say enough good things about this program. I am really pleased with the children's progress and often they go to the piano to practice on their own after school. Since I don't play any instrument it has been really a great program and the kids are really learning it with very little instruction from me.

We have taken a bit of a break from Spanish as we finish level one of Powerspeak. I had thought I found a Spanish teacher for the children but at the last moment as she found a full time job:(. I am continuing to look for a Latin Spanish teacher as I think personal interaction would be good for the children. But until I can find one we will be signing up for level 2 of elementary Spanish on Powerspeak. I should mention that the kids really enjoy the program.

The kids are working on a solar system model, Little man is painting his solar system while Princess is making one of clay. They will each have one for their rooms when we have finished our study. We are also putting together a large mural of the solar system.

So far they have only made the sun, we will be making an additional planet each week, to keep the suspense going:)

Painting the background of our mural and adding on the SUN. Each week we add another planet to complete our mural.

Both children are taking horse riding lessons and are improving. Princess is learning how to jump (she fall off the horse last week--giving me a slight heart attack but she got right back on and continued riding) Little Man is really improving also. In addition both are taking swim lessons. Little Man after 2 years has finally decided he can wear swim goggles and put his head under water. This has been a huge accomplishment as he can be very stubborn:) Princess has moved up a level in swimming and is fine tuning her basic strokes.

Reading with parents:
Princess is reading Oliver's Twist. Little Man is working on Magic School Bus Space Explorers chapter book.

Little Man is in boy scouts and is working on his pine wood derby car:). Altough getting him to sand his wooden car longer than a minute is a feat. Princess is in girl scouts and they just had their first sleep over of the year and it was the first time I have left her out of my sight for a whole night. She did fine but I was a wreck:). Girl Scouts are also during the Derby race and she is working on her car. She can manage sanding her car only 30 seconds longer than her brother:)

That is our week in a nutshell. I am looking forward to the weekend:)


  1. I just heard about "All About Spelling" this week. I think I'll look into it for next year. The awful thing is that I speak fluent Spanish, homeschool, and I'm not teaching it to my children. I need a lecture! :) I plan to work it in very soon!

  2. Wow--sounds like an awesome (and very busy) week! Your solar system project looks really fun!

    We're working on a pinewood car this weekend, too. Good luck, hope your kids have fun at their race!

  3. Hi laughwithusblog,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really like AAS program.

  4. Hi Sparklee
    Hope your son enjoys sanding the Derby car more than mine do:) I think this week we are just going to paint it and be done. It is our first year in boy scouts so I am still learning the ropes so different from Girl scouts:)

  5. I had totally forgotten about Learning Pages! Thanks for the reminder! I think my youngest (almost 6) would enjoy doing some of their unit studies, especially the dinosaur one!


  6. I need to add the pianimals and typing curriculum on my wish list. They both look great. Looks like you had a fun week with the solar system. Can't wait to watch this next few weeks.

  7. We have had a very busy Friday and Saturday. I am glad you were able to be productive this week, and looks like a lot of fun. I voted for you yesterday and today.

  8. Our side of the mountian,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am liking Learning pages it is the first time I have used them:)

  9. Hi Mommy Kuehner,
    I can't recommend Pianimals enough my kids love it and so do I:)

  10. Hi Lynda,
    Hope you had a good weekend. I have been unbelievably busy this week and weekend. Thanks for you support on the votes:)

  11. I hope things slow down for you Anna-Marie. We have had some wonderful homeschooling days so far. I actually feel like we are making progress, and I am getting caught up with some household chores that have been put off for too long. My time on the computer has been cut way down, but I have been trying to keep up with my bloggy friends. I voted for you yesterday and today.

    {Enjoy your time without your hubby. I know you will miss him, but sometimes time apart really makes the bonds that much stronger.}

  12. Sounds like you all are very busy!
    The solar system photos are great. Thanks for sharing the Simply Schooling link.

    *I passed on The Versatile Blogger Award to you.

  13. Hi Anna-Marie!
    This weekly wrap up looks like you had alot of fun! We are going to a planetarium this Friday, but I haven't been studying space with my kids yet, so maybe this will be a springboard for astronomy study. My son is doing his Cub scout derby car too :) But, my daughter doesn't do a car in her troop. I've been clicking votes for you as I try to catch up with things :)