Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Star Gazing

A couple of weeks ago, after going to the Cambridge Observatory, we bought new binoculars. We were told that we could see quite a bit in space with just strong binoculars by the Observatory staff. Since buying the binoculars it has been very cloudy here in jolly ole England, so we haven't been able to give it a try. Last night, finally we had a clear night so out we went to see the sky.

Okay this is a bad picture but if you enlarge it you will see a tiny white speck and that is Jupiter.

My husband put the binoculars on our tripod and located the Pleiades's otherwise know as the 7 sisters. To the naked eye is is a smudge in the sky, with the binoculars it becomes much more clearer and you can see the seven stars and many others.

We also found the constellation of Orion and found the nebula inside it but it didn't look like the pictures we have seen in our science books. However, the kids know that in this nebula there were stars being born!

We had fun observing the stars in our own front yard. Looking forward to doing it again.


  1. Hi Anna-Marie,
    I got back from my trip late last night and trying to catch up with everything. This looks like alot of fun! So glad the skies opened for you! This past Friday we took a homeschool field trip to a local planetarium and the kids loved it! I hope to blog about the trip soon! Maybe I'll even link up to all your great astronomy posts for my own future reference and so others can visit your great blog! Voted for you today!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun. I have always been interested in astronomy, but never spent time studying it. Maybe I will put more effort in it now that we are in control of what we are doing in homeschool. I voted for you today. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  3. Fun! I've never been much for star gazing, but one of my little nephews is into it. I'll have to visit and have him show me how his telescope works!

  4. Hi Tracy,
    Have fun on Friday we are enjoying our space unit and I am amazed how much the kids are retaining:) I saw your post upon your return home It looks like an awesome experience for your family to share together.

  5. Hi Lynda
    If you need resources to use I found tons of free stuff some secular and some creationist. I mixed and matched what I wanted the kids to learn I do that alot

  6. Hi Renee Ann
    My husband is researching buying a telescope right now. Not sure the kids will be interested in it for long but it has certainly peaked my husband and my interest.

  7. Good Morning Anna-Marie!
    Stopping in to say Hi and clicked a vote for you!
    have a blessed day!

  8. Thanks Tracy your are so thoughtful to stop by every day:)

  9. How fun!!! We went to the planetarium last year, I wish the boys had more of an interest in watching the stars. It's so calming!!!