Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Day in My Life

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Today I woke up to one less child in the house, my daughter had her first sleep over last night with her Girl Scout troop. Last year I was the troop leader so I was at the sleep over (although I don't remember getting much sleep). This year I was able to stay home and actually get some sleep. Our son slept until 7:45 so my husband and I even got a lie in. We were up and dressed and out of the house by 9 in order to pick my daughter up at the Girl Scout Hut by 9:30. We were greeted by a very happy little girl. In fact she was disappointed that the sleep over was officially over. As her mother I was so glad the sleep over went well as prior to Friday night my daughter voiced concerns that I wouldn't be there for her should she need me. I spent several days last week encouraging her to enjoy herself and assuring her she doesn't need me all the time. All the while worrying that maybe I should stay and make sure she will be okay. As a mother you try to give your kids the independence they need to make it in the world all the while wishing you could keep them close to you.

After packing her and her stuff in the car, the whole family took off to do a few errands. One of which was to get both children's hair cut. My daughter is absolutely the worst at brushing and combing her hair. I have been threatening to cut her hair for months if she doesn't start taking better care of it. I have tried everything, new hair brushes, encouraging to use conditioner on her hair, keeping it tied up in a pony tail, reminding her consistently to brush her hair but all for naught. So today with my husband there (I wanted back up should there be a problem) we headed to the hair dresser. There was some pouting but it went much smoother than I thought it would, whew. My son is six and still hates getting his hair cut especially around the ears, so he gave the hair dresser some trouble, can't wait for him to outgrow this stage.

After lunch out we headed home. The kids and I begin to pack away the Christmas tree. It is so nice that they can help with this as it makes the job go so much faster. They took down the ornaments and icicles and I wrapped them up and packed them away. The kids insisting on singing Christmas carols while working which made the time fly by. They also spent time calculating how many days till next Christmas:).

Now just so you don't think everything runs perfectly in our home: here's the rough part of our day. Around 4 pm the children starting arguing over a toy and my son had a major meltdown. He is at the stage where he can be very explosive in his tantrums, stomping feet, screaming and yelling. Fun times for Mom and Dad, tonight I thought my husband and I held our cool fairly well sending him to his room not once but twice:(. It took my son nearly 20 minutes to calm himself down. Luckily my daughter is coming out of this stage and was able to quickly recover from her anger and move on.

After dinner we took the kids to the Cambridge Observatory. They were having an open public viewing tonight and talk. Since we are doing the solar system we wanted to see what they had. It was fantastic. The Observatory had 3 huge viewing screens that they could project what the telescope saw. We saw the Moon, Jupiter, Pleiades, and a few other things. We also watch on the screen the International Space Station orbit below the moon and saw a satellite orbit, although both were a blur you could definitely tell something was moving in the sky:)! The kids were cold and tired so we left that portion of the talk and stood in line to see a real telescope and were able to take a closer look at Pleiades's. The kids are showing a real interest in the solar system which I am pleased about.

By the time we got home it was time for the children's bedtime. Normally we read to them but my husband and I were tired and so were the kids so we tucked them in and told them to read by themselves for 30 minutes and then it was lights out for the kids and quiet time for the parents.

So that is the Day in my life. This was a busy day and we packed a lot in. tomorrow is going to be much quieter:)

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  1. If life only went smoothly it would be pretty boring. Then again maybe not. lol Thanks for linking up to my blog hop, Anna-Marie. I hope you have a wonderfully quiet, peaceful day tomorrow. =) I voted for you.

  2. Oh the brushing hair battles...I can so relate! My daughter is 10 1/2 and I still have to remind her quite often to brush her hair and her hair is above her shoulder, but very thick! So glad your daughter had a nice time at the sleepover and everyone seemed to have a fun and full day! Thanks for sharing :) Have a blessed day tomorrow and I voted for you today, but I think I already told you this :)

  3. Hey there, so glad to hear your daughter had a great time at her sleep over. I remember so well the days of Girl Scouts. I too was once the leader of my daughters troop so long ago now, wow..she's 18 already :)

    My ten year old is at that stage where he stays angry too long, or takes too long to settle down, but it has a little bit to do with his ADD, and a little bit to do with his 5 yr old brother who aggravates him non-stop.

    I look forward to many more of your posts :)


  4. HI Lynda,
    Today is going much quieter and I have spent way too much time on the computer LOL Have a good weekend

  5. Hi Tracy,
    I remember the hair battle when I was a kid so it must be a rite of passage:) Today it much smoother with the hair brushing but she said she doesn't like it. My daughter hair is thick and fine so it knots terribly:( Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

  6. hi Steph,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I wonder if it is a boy thing that they take longer to calm themselves down:)

  7. My son always tells me, "Boys don't brush their hair, mom." Even when I tell him to comb it there is an argument. Thank goodness his hair is short. I am glad to hear your Sunday is quieter, and there is nothing wrong with a little computer indulgence once in a while. lol (I voted for you.)

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping by & commenting on Mommy's lil Corner. I am now following back. I remember the day my mom & dad finally followed thru on their threats to cut my hair! I so deserved it...supposedly I kept chewing on, gross!!