Sunday, 21 November 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

It has been a long but very productive week. Long because we have started a new schedule and things are taking a bit longer to complete. But also I seem to have caught a cold. So I am not functioning at 100% this week, but luckily the kids have not caught my bug.

Princess is working on learning her multiplication tables and has pretty much mastered 0 thru 5.
Little Man is learning about math fact families and adding, subtracting up to 12.

History- both kids
We are completing a lap book on Thanksgiving and learning all about the 1st Thanksgiving. I also discovered there will be an exhibit on the Titanic artifacts in London for the next couple of months so we have been reading a books on the sinking of the Titanic in preparation of our scheduled field trip next week (day after Thanksgiving).

Science- both kids
We are working on learning about the human body. We concentrated on the brain and heart this week. Did lots of fun and simple experiments.

English -
Princess is working on prefixes and suffixes of words, learning their meanings and identifying root words. Princess is also working on a Writing book by Spectrum and learning about what is a paragraph and how to write a paragraph.
Little man is working on nouns and verbs. He is also using a Spectrum Writing book and learning how to write sentences.
In addition both have been working on Thanksgiving copy work booklet.

Both children are continuing with their Piano lessons using the program Piananimals.

Continuing to use Power speak for our spanish lessons

I decided to use Draw. Write. Now. books to have the kids draw things we have talked about for Thanksgiving. Princess is taking off with these drawing lesson. Little man is still not crazy about drawing. But we are working on it.

Typing -
I am trying the BBC typing program which is free on the computer but neither child is thrilled with it. Will need to look into more typing programs.

We are continuing to work with the AAS program. we had to go back a few lessons since coming back from holiday but the kids are quickly remembering the lessons so I hope to be in book 2 very shortly.

Little man has been reading The magic tree house book "Thanksgiving on Thursday"
Princess has been reading "A Christmas Carol"
Together we have been reading Tonight on the Titanic (also a magic tree house book) as well as many Thanksgiving books...too many to list here.

The kids are participating in Horse riding lesson, swim lessons and I have now added the Wii for 30 minutes. Now that it is winter we need to burn some excess energy:)

For social activities -
Little Man is in boy scouts
Princess is in girl scouts

No pictures this week because I forgot:) But this is our week in a nutshell. We are slowly getting back on track with school after our wonderful 6 week holiday.


  1. Hi Anna-Marie!
    We like the Draw Write Now books also and we are now in book 2 of AAS. Looks like you had a fun and productive week :)
    Clicked a vote for you today!

  2. Sounds like you had a busy but good week!
    My son uses Spectrum workbooks. This is our second year of using them along with our lessons.

  3. HI Anna-Marie!
    I hope you have a good Monday and feel better soon! I clicked a vote for you today!

  4. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the votes. I like the Draw write now book as they are simple and very visual for the kids to use. My son just doesn't like to draw. My daughter is finally coming around and is attempting more and more drawing of her own:)

  5. Hi Marissa,
    I like the Spectrum books we have only used the Writing ones for now but may expand to others as needed. Thanks for stopping by:) and commenting

  6. Thanks for the Pianimals link--it looks like something that would work for Dude. He REALLY wants to play the piano but her finds the little three-note beginner songs so boring!

    Sounds like your new schedule is going well. We're totally messed up due to travel, illness, and holidays. I'm just going to go with the flow and try to make up for it after Thanksgiving.

    Wish we could see the London Titanic exhibit--sounds fascinating!

  7. Hi Sparklee,
    The kids really love the Piano program and since I don't play an instrument it was perfect for us. We are hoping to find a piano teacher but for now this is really working for us:)

    It has been 2 weeks since we returned home after our holiday and I still feel a bit disorganized so hang in there it will get better, I hope!

  8. Hi Anna-Marie!
    I clicked a vote for you today! Hope you had a good day!

  9. My son never really enjoyed the Draw, Write Now books (my daughter loved them!), but he loves creating his own drawings and other types of art. I'm glad the new schedule is working for you.
    Janet W

  10. HI Janet,
    My son just isn't into drawing or coloring right now. I am trying to expand his creative side but I haven't hit on the right concept yet for him to be enthralled. I will kept trying:) Although my daughter was about 7 before she showed any artistic interest. Maybe I have to wait another year:(

  11. Hi Anna-Marie!
    I hope you are having a good week so far! I clicked a vote for you today :) Have a good day!