Friday, 6 August 2010

Holiday to Edinburgh

We had a great holiday and explored more of the British isles. We headed first to Northumbria to visit Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne Island. Bamburgh castle is the setting of the Vikings book series that my husband and I have been reading. Lindisfarne is the famous site for Saint Aiden and Saint Cuthbert and the early stages of Christain development for the British isles. We also took the time to see Farne island by boat and were able to see Puffins, Shags, North Altlantic Terns and Seals. The kids loved seeing the seals up close and the seal put on a great show of swimming close to the boat then diving beneath.

Next we headed to Edninburgh the capital of Scotland and spent 4 lovely days exploring the city. I loved the city and we walked everywhere. One of the great things about European cities is you can walk just about anywhere. We explored the Edinburgh castle and were able to see the Scottish crown jewels and the stone of destiny. We also toured Mary King's close which is a hidden 16th century part of the city found under the Royal chamber exchange. My youngest loved the ghost stories but the oldest was a bit spooked. After wandering the city during the day we were able to take a dip in the hotel swimming pool (they are a rarity in Britain).

Unfortunately, we had to leave early due to my husband's job so we were not able to make it up to Stirling which was the next stop on our agenda. We hope to return and see more of Scotland very soon. Pictures to come.

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