Thursday, 12 August 2010

Buckingham Palace Tour

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a private tour of Buckingham Palace in London (just me and 59 strangers). I wasn't able to bring the kids as there was an age limit of 9 and mine are younger then that. My husband volunteered to take the afternoon off work and watch the kids so that I could go. The tour was 2 and half hours long and we were able to see 19 official state rooms. There are 750 rooms in the palace and it has a staff of over 800. The Queen was not in residence during the private tour as during the month of August she resides at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. At the end of the tour we were given a glass of champagne to enjoy in the gardens. Afterwards we were shown the Palace's gift shop (kind of tacky I thought) and I purchased a tin of tea (that the Queen supposedly drinks) and a tin of biscuits (cookies) that she has with her tea. I just might hold my very own tea party at home with the kids.

The Grand staircase that I walked up when entering the Palace.

The state Dining room

The Green drawing room leading up to the Red Throne room

The Blue Drawing room

The White Drawing Room

We were not allowed to take any photos while inside the palace but we able to take a few photos out in the garden. This is where the Queen holds her annual tea party for select people. I am told it can be as large as 3000 people. Here I am enjoying the complimentary glass of champagne:) The other pics are postcards I bought in the gift shop of some of the rooms we visited.

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