Thursday, 26 August 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I'm struggling today. I don't feel very good. I woke up with a head ache, sore throat and sore neck all signs that I may be coming down with something. So in addition this morning to getting breakfast for the kids and starting school work I am trying to locate medicine for myself. I can't locate exactly what I want in the medicine cabinet so that means I need to go out at some point today and go to the store. It is raining and I am not looking forward to it. What does any of this have to do with the title of my post well...

My husband is out of town for a month on business. His job requires a fair bit of traveling and well, I miss him. If he was home I would simply call him up on the phone and say "Honey on your way home please pick of such and such" I would muddle thru the day as best I could and then he would come home with my meds and take over the parenting duties and cook dinner. I would crash on the sofa or bed in a medicated haze and take a nap. That thought would get me thru the day. But he is not here so I am on my own:(.

This has got me thinking that whenever he goes away on his business trips I suddenly lose an extra set of helping hands around the house. I appreciate all his hard work with his job and with raising the kids, but I do admit I forget this when he is here. So I want to take a minute and acknowledge my dear husband and list all the things he does around here. Things that I now need to do in addition to my already busy schedule.

1. Brings in the milk every morning and puts it in the fridge. (we have a delivery service) I left Monday's milk out until nearly 11 am because I forgot about it.
2. Helps me cook dinner (most nights) and if I am too tired or worn out takes us to dinner which is even better!
3. Fixes things -- Something always seems to break or need fixing when he leaves. This time I had to replace our phone as it wasn't charging anymore. It took me forever to figure out what wires were what behind the sofa (what a mess) I had no idea the sofa was that difficult to move. I did get it figured out but not without a web cam help from hubby.
4. Tech support for the computer, I swear this thing hates me:)
5. Help with bed time routine, bathing, brushing of teeth/hair, and story time
6. Taking the very large trash can and recycling bins out and bringing them back in on trash days. I hate that job!
7. Going to the post office and picking up the mail (we have a PO Box) I haven't seen the mail in over a week. If I want the mail then that means loading the kids up and driving 18 miles to the Post office. Time out of my day where I could be doing other things like school work.
8. Filling up the car with gas (that's right I haven't filled up the gas tank in over 2 years because of the system over here) I will have to fill my own tank up once we are back in the states but I am enjoying it for now.
9. Carry the laundry basket up the stairs. I never have to do this for some reason he always carries it up if he sees that the laundry is folded and he even helps puts some of the laundry away (most of the time).
10.Listening to me talk about my day, the kids, school work and reassuring me it will all come together some how

We have another 2 weeks to go before he returns home. So I will forge on being grateful that I have such a wonderful partner and friend. Hurry home Babe...We love you!!


  1. Wow! My husband rarely has to travel and when he does it's typically only for a week at most - I don't envy you the month-long single parenting adventure!

  2. Thanks for stopping by-- I don't know how single Moms manage. I am exhausted by the time he gets home.

  3. Usually I'm one with a quick humorous comment, but this time I won't. The only reason I have been able to make it as far in my career as I have is because she's willing to play the single mom role far more than she'd like. I know it's hard for her (and must be even harder for the women--and men--whose partners have to leave for a year in a war zone). I try to make up for it, but there's really no gift, no vacation, no "it's good to be home" passionate kiss that can make up for the time spent away from the family (and them from me). So, in addition to those things, the best I can really do is say "thank you again for marrying me".

  4. Oh Anna-Marie, your post breaks my heart! I'm sorry you are under the weather and you are taking on the single parenting role when you are not feeling 100%! My husband does not travel too much, but if he is gone for even a night or 2 days it does make my days longer. We are both blessed with wonderful husbands who are there for us and our children! I'm glad I have this in common with you! These days it seems that having helpful husbands is an exception rather than a rule.
    I can feel your emotions in this post and I could have written it myself if I was sick and my husband was traveling.
    Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon!
    PS: Don't forget to bring in Monday's milk after this weekend ;) Hee! Hee!
    We will keep your family in our prayers during our family's prayer time!
    I clicked a vote for you on the Fence!
    Thanks for stopping by this morning and for your vote!

  5. PS: When I tried to click a vote on your PF button I never saw a confirmation for my vote so I don't know if my vote was counted or not today??? Maybe you can tell whether your votes increased by one with my click because I'm not sure. Just wanted to let you know. :)

  6. Hi Tracy,
    I hope my post wasn't depressing I was just thinking how much my hubby does when he is home and how I don't appreciate it until he leaves for his trips. I took a nap yesterday and turned on the TV for the kids as a baby sitter so I got a 2 hour rest:). Thanks for the prayers:)

  7. And yes I know I have a wonderful hubby and am so glad to hear you do as well. It makes life so much easier when you have a great partner.

  8. Awww - I'm sorry you're feeling bad - but what a lovely tribute to your husband. I hope the month flies by!

  9. No, Anna-Marie I didn't think your post was depressing. I could just relate to all your feelings of being a single mom while not feeling well. I could have written the post :)
    Hope you have a good weekend!
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  10. Thanks for voting on Picket fences I will do the same for you:)