Friday, 11 June 2021

Weekly wrap Up 6/11/21 What's Happening

 We had a pretty full week. MarioFan had a week of activities for his birthday.  But we also had a very worrying week as MarioFan's best friend was in the hospital and we could not visit due to covid rules.  Luckily MarioFan was able to talk to his friend almost daily.  HIs friend is home now but still not completely out of the woods.  We are scheduled to visit with him soon. 

He had a night out at the baseball stadium.  First game in will over a year.

Unfortunately the home team lost.  This is the last week of limited capacity so they had plenty of space around them to be safe.

We spent the day at six flags on his actual birthday which made him very happy.  

He was even considerate and went on a few rides that I enjoy like the Ferris wheel:) 

As a family we went to our favorite but expensive restaurants the Melting pot!  

This week was also the week his virtual camp delivered the company swag and snack for next weeks Career camp.  The camp is introducing Tech jobs to the kids and all the swag is related to what they will be learning.  The red hat is from a video gaming company.  
Normally he is happy to take pictures but not on this day 

I haven't mentioned Firedrake as her schedule is sort of crazy.  She works usually from 4 to 10:30 and then stays up till late talking to her friends on the computer.  She gets up somewhere around noon and I may get a few minutes with her before I need to go somewhere. 

However I was able to sneak in a dinner for just the two of us on one of her nights off. 

We went to the local Italian restaurant she likes and had some quality time together.  I am trying to squeeze in as much time as I can before she flies the coop:) 

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